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Guest Blog: Five Things Actors Can Do While Waiting For A Cast List

Guest Blog: Five Things Actors Can Do While Waiting For A Cast List

We've all been there. We've all had that feeling of anticipation between an audition and the call from the casting team to inform us if we've made the cut. You go over your audition, you sit there in agony, you talk to your friends who also auditioned seeing if they know anything, though they are most of the time in the same boat as you, you even contemplating calling the directorial team yourself. All of these are HUGE red flags. There's nothing you can do about it once you step out of the audition room. You've done your part, let them do theirs. Trust that they will make the best choice. On the odd time that it takes a little longer than you can hope, here are some things to do in the meantime to keep your mind off of the anticipation.

1. Read new scripts or watch new shows

This is one of the most highly recommended options for anxious actors. Watching or reading another play or musical will take your mind off of the one you auditioned for as it will let you embark into the world of another great show that will make you forget about the one you auditioned for. You also get the bonus of being introduced to another show and even another role you might like to play in the future!

2. Workout or go to a dance class.

Though this is the most tiring, and physical way to get your mind off the call, but it is one of the most distracting as well. Putting all of your anxious energy into working out, can help your body relax and feel more powerful to taking on the day and not worrying every minute of it. Also, if you go to a dance class, you can help improve your technique and practice for future auditions!

3. Go for coffee with friends or family.

This is a very quaint way to calm yourself down. When you are alone and anxiously awaiting the call that could seal your fate and schedule for the next few months, you start to get annoyed with your own thoughts and problems. When you are out with others, you can listen to information about their lives to engage in other thoughts, not just your own. You also have someone to confide in to help you relieve yourself of your audition anxiety and have a fun outing with people you care about.

4. Do a Crossword or Brain Teaser

This is another way of putting your anxious energy into doing something productive. For people who have graduated school, there are rarely those moments to use the critical thinking skills you used a lot when in your academic classes. Trying something that will challenge your brain and thinking skills, you can turn your nerves into brain power to try and accomplish something and solve a problem too keep your mind awake and your nerves at a lower level.

5. Cook or Bake.

This is a way to use food for thought. You always think about what you can do differently after an audition, so this way, you can think of what to do to make something different. You can put your thoughts into the recipe and create something that is delicious and a great way to get your mind off the audition. Its fun and relaxing, and you can even share with other anxious a waiters as well!

Overall, auditioning is the main part of your life as an actor. There will be rejection and waiting, but there will also be success too. There's nothing you can do once the directors have started to make your decision. All you can do is learn to wait, and hope for the best that all will turn out fine. Remember these tips for the next audition you go on and have patients and respect for the work of the wonderful team putting on a show! Break a leg!

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