Glee-Cap: Extraordinary Merry Christmas


The Christmas spirit has once again taken over the halls of McKinley High, Gleeks. Break out the tinsel and the holly – Jingle bells are about to be rung out!

The Glee Club is in the Christmas spirit – Mercedes leads the group in a rousing version of "All I Want For Christmas", while Finn realizes he's the only one who took that song to heart when Rachel presents a Christmas list a mile long. Meanwhile, Sue calls on Artie, Kurt, and Blaine to present the idea of the glee club performing at a homeless shelter, something she's decided to do since she'll be alone this Christmas.  Rory, also feeling the lonely end of the holidays – performs Elvis's Christmas class, "Blue Christmas" which prompts the glee club to aim for a much happier holiday than the previous year.  Mr. Schuester surprises the glee club when he reveals that a local station has asked them to do a Christmas special on a local station to be directed by Artie – who talks the station manager into some pretty outlandish ideas.

After attempting a Joni Mitchell song for the special, Rachel is put off to find that Artie wants a much happier Christmas than her rather solemn song suggests, which ruffles Sam's feathers, who believes Christmas can be sad as well as happy. Finn gives Rachel her gift early, but it's not nearly as bling-tastic as she had hoped, so she convinces him to try again. Blaine and Rachel perform an original song for the special, which impresses Artie, but things get complicated when Sue asks about the performance at the homeless shelter – which Artie has shafted in favor of the Christmas special.

The Christmas special begins with Kurt and Blaine performing "Let It Snow" before Rachel and Mercedes arrive and join the boys in a rendition of "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music. When Finn and Puck arrive –all resemblance to Star Wars characters being completely coincidental – the boys perform a version of "Santa Claus Is Comin to Town" a la The Boss.  A group of carolers led by Brittany – perform "Christmas Wrapping" before Rory as Itchy changes the mood by reading the story of Christ's birth rather than Frosty the Snowman. 

Quinn and Sam skip out on the special to commit to help Sue at the homeless shelter, and are shocked when the rest of the glee club arrives with the fixings from the special to share with a homeless – as well as a little song after their special has it's plug pulled. The glee clubs performs a version of "Do They Know It's Christmas" and give their time to a cause. Rachel finally accepts Finn's weird gift of the African pig - naming it Barbra, but he then informs her he bought her sometime else - a star in her name and a pair of star earrings.

After feeling like she's been given so much, Rachel decides to give back - Rachel donates the money she and Finn used on gifts for each other, before joining Sam and Rory in bell ringing.

And may all your days be merry and bright - and may all your Christmases be gleeful.

Happy Holidays, one and all! Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanaza, and Happy New Year!

I shall see you in the gleekin new year!

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