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Celebrate National Moth Week With the Staten Island Museum

Celebrate National Moth Week With the Staten Island Museum

Stay up late and celebrate National Moth Week on Saturday, July 18, when the sun sets at 8:24pm!

Demystify the nocturnal world of science right from your windowsill or backyard with a downloadable kit of night science activities. Learn how to make your own attractor to study moths and insects, how to decipher owl calls and other night sounds, and more! Take a (virtual) closer look at the unique moths in our collection and express your love for nighttime nature with art activities. Presented in collaboration with the Staten Island Children's Museum. This is fun for the entire family!

"Moth Night looks a little different this year, but it will be just as exciting as ever. We are hoping these downloadable discovery kits will equip families with the inspiration and information needed to explore the unique nocturnal world around them." said Rylee Eterginoso, Staten Island Museum Programs Manager.

Join experts and learn to "Decode Dusk", "How to Make a Light Attractor" and so much more. Activities include coloring pages, a crossword puzzle, and a nighttime scavenger hunt. Full list of videos and activities below.

Explore your yard, your neighborhood, or look out the window! Celebrate the wonder of moths and use your senses to discover the natural world by moonlight. Warm summer nights are perfect for bringing the whole family together to explore the scientific world that comes alive when the sun goes down.


"Love at First Light" with Danielle Belleny, Wildlife Biologist

"Decoding Dusk" with Ashley Gary, The Wildlife Host

"How to make a light attractor to study nocturnal insects" with Colleen Evans, Director of Natural Science, Staten Island Museum

"Luna Moth Life Cycle " with the Staten Island Children's Museum

"How to Raise Butterflies at home" with amateur lepidopterist Cooper Keane

"Looking Closely at the Moth Collection" with Colleen Evans, Director of Natural Science, Staten Island Museum

"Our Nocturnal Neighbors: Owl Prowl" with Cliff Hagen, President, Protectors of Pine Oak Woods


Light Attractor Field Guide

Nighttime Scavenger Hunt


Coloring pages: Clearwing & Luna Moth

Pattern Mirror



About the Presenters:

Danielle Belleny is a wildlife biologist, science communicator, and avid birder from San Antonio, Texas. Through a series of "happy accidents" and a ton of hard work she has found herself in a profession that brings her immense joy. As a wildlife biologist, Danielle gets take a closer look at how and why ecosystems function. Her favorite part about her job is being able to share her knowledge of nature with others. She is a co-organizer of #BlackBirdersWeek and The BlackAFinSTEM Collective, an organization focused on sharing the experiences of Black conservationists and outdoor enthusiasts.

Colleen R. Evans is the Staten Island Museum's Director of Natural Sciences. A biologist who specializes in museum collections, Evans also brings a wide knowledge of arthropods and science education to her post. She earned her BS and MS in Biology at the University of North Texas. She has served as an instructor at Georgia Southern University and Collections Manager of the University's Natural History Collections, including the US National Tick Collection. She has conducted research with various collections including the Georgia Southern Herbarium (GAS) and the Joseph Britton Freshwater Mussel Collection at UNT.

Ashley Gary is a science communicator known online as The Wildlife Host. Since 2018 she has been sharing her love and passion for wildlife with her community on both Instagram and Twitter. Along with sparking curiosity in people about the natural world, she also promotes positivity and following your dreams. It was following her dreams and forging ahead that lead to the creation of The Wildlife Host brand and the opportunity to reach thousands of people with the message of appreciation and stewardship of the biodiversity around us.

Cliff Hagen, a life-long Staten Islander, is president of Protectors of Pine Oak Woods, Staten Island's all-volunteer environmental preservation organization. The mission of Protectors of Pine Oak Woods is two-fold, calling for an increased stewardship of park properties and the environmental education of our community to facilitate the preservation of open space on Staten Island. For more than two decades Cliff Hagen has been a teacher of special education with the Department of Education as well as On Your Mark and is concerned with the health and wellness of our community.

Cooper Keane is a 14 year old budding lepidopterist. Raising butterflies has been a passion of his since he was 5 years old and he has always been happy to share it with others. It all began when his mother brought home a parsley plant that had multiple caterpillars on it. He found these caterpillars and proceeded to try and raise them. Over the years he has modified his methods to include newfound tips and tricks to raise these magnificent insects. His favorite part is the satisfaction of releasing the butterflies and knowing that all of his hard work has paid off.

Moth Night at home is on Saturday, July 18. Pre-registration is required to receive your free downloadable kit. Donations are welcome. Register at

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