BroadwayWorld Student Bloggers On How Their Theatre Education Helps Them Off-Stage

Learn how an arts education can help anyone regardless of their career path!

By: Dec. 13, 2023
BroadwayWorld Student Bloggers On How Their Theatre Education Helps Them Off-Stage
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As a part of our student blogger program, theatre students from all over the world share their experiences and tips for surviving their college years over on our Student Center page.

This month, we've asked our student bloggers to let us know how their theatre education has helped them off-stage. From increased confidence to better time management, the student bloggers let us know how an arts education can help anyone regardless of their career path. 

Check out what they had to say below!

Natalie Liew, UK Regional/Malaysia

"With a lot to juggle in musical theatre, my time management has improved immensely. I was never the sort to resort to planners but they have been the backbone of my days. While I have been trained with discipline since young, being in a rehearsal room has also taught me plenty about being in a professional setting while also having fun with what I do. A common theme between the two lessons is the fact that I've managed to find balance in professionalism and fun, and my personal and university life."

Read more from Natalie here.

Alex Leigh, Kansas City

"Theatre education has helped me so much as a public speaker. I find those who have had experience in the theatre are always very great talkers. Along with my increased communication skills, I’ve turned out to be an efficient problem solver. After adjusting to last minute production changes and thinking on your feet at a moments notice, I find myself being able to come up with creative solutions to real world problems I face."

Read more from Alex here.

Katie Gleason, Brooklyn

"To understand acting and characters is to understand the human experience. Studying people, how they interact with one another, why they do the things that you do, has made me a much more compassionate, understanding, and aware person. I have also learned how to show myself kindness through my acting training. Performing is vulnerable, and draining, and requires endless trial and error. If you can't learn to show yourself patience, and grace, you will never improve or succeed. As much as I still struggle with perfectionism, I learn to be kind to myself more and more every day. And being able to let yourself make mistakes and grow can be applied in every other aspect of life."

Read more from Katie here.

Jordanna Garland, Delaware

"Because of my interest in theatre, I was able to go see a production of Moulin Rouge!, write a theatre review on it, and then have that article be published in an online magazine -- a magazine not affiliated for the newspaper I write for at school. This was my very first published article outside of my school newspaper. If I hadn't had my knowledge of theatre, I wouldn't have been able to write what I did and get it published."

Read more from Jordanna here.

Ruby Wolter, Salt Lake City

"I feel like I am a much more well-rounded person because of my theater education. I know so much about culture, people, building relationships, and more."

Read more from Ruby here.

Charlie Perkins, Long Island

"I have become more bold and confident in myself and in speaking up for myself."

Read more from Charlie here.

Sarah Alexander, South Carolina

"Pursuing higher education in theatre/performing has helped me grow in my confidence and adaptability as a person and professional. I feel more secure in my abilities, and I am more aware of the various opportunities that exist in the world of performing arts."

Read more from Sarah here.

Megan O'Keefe, Portland

"It has helped me with public speaking, creating interpersonal relationships, and overall physical/emotional confidence."

Read more from Megan here.

Dwiani I, Vancouver

"It helped me be more confident, and I can talk publicly more comfortably now."

Read more from Dwiani here.

Ellie Weaver, Central Pennsylvania

"I have learned how to work with a team, be efficient, and manage my time."

Read more from Ellie here.

Lana Sage, Boston

"In my university, outside of practicum is a huge proponent of our learning. I have become more engaged with the world and city around me, fostered my becoming of a more well-rounded citizen, and focused a lot on my impact on the rooms I choose to enter."

Read more from Lana here.

Michele Cohen, New Jersey

"My theatre education has helped me off-stage because theatre at its core is about connection and working with others, which is helpful in all aspects of life."

Read more from Michele here.

Erin Barnes, Central New York

"My theatre education has taught me how to be a well-rounded person off-stage. I know how to use my voice."

Read more from Erin here.

Lauren D, Central New York

"I am able to work on my time management and I have been able to work on myself when it comes to public speaking and social events."

Read more from Lauren here.

Lanes Miller, New York City

"I feel so equipped talking to people and networking now that I know how to do that in theatre."

Read more from Lanes here.

Silvana Flores, Mexico

"I learned to work better on a team, to solve problems from a creative perspective, to appreciate art in a different way, and to become a leader."

Read more from Silvana here.

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