Student Bloggers Share Their Favorite Ways to Decompress During the Semester

Check out stress management tips from our student bloggers below!

By: Feb. 14, 2024
Student Bloggers Share Their Favorite Ways to Decompress During the Semester
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As a part of our student blogger program, theatre students from all over the world share their experiences and tips for surviving their college years over on our Student Center page.

This month, we've asked our student bloggers "What is your favorite way to decompress during the more stressful moments of the semester?" From spending time with friends to taking time away from the theatre altogether, the bloggers offer their best self-care tips for managing stress during the school year.

Check out what they had to say below!

Natalie Liew, UK Regional/Malaysia

"My favorite ways to decompress tend to either be sitting at my desk with my laptop and drawing tablet or lying in bed and catching up on the rest I'll need for the next day. It depends on what I'm feeling when the stress hits me because there will be times I cannot bear to be less productive and it's those days when I'll be on my laptop writing or drawing away to my heart's content. Then there are times when the stress leaves me exhausted with a migraine. So, I resort to sleep after a good meal. A cup of Thai milk tea has always done wonders for me."

Read more from Natalie here.

Olivia Mathis, New York City

"I find it so important to find hobbies outside of musical theatre to escape to during stressful and hectic moments. When school is exhausting, I love to crochet as much as possible. Picking up crochet has been one of the most beneficial things I could’ve done for myself. It allows me to be creative, but there is something also incredibly comforting about being able to cozy up with a project after a long day. Plus, there’s no better feeling than finishing a project and being able to use whatever homemade item you just made for yourself."

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Jules Donohue, Long Island

"I love naps or a hot shower, to put it simply, but spending time with friends is also a great way to decompress! A lot of times, especially if they're in your program, your friends will be going through the same thing you're going through so you don't feel alone with your stress when you're together. Try to find people who match your vibe and go out with them when you need! If you have the opportunity to get off-campus for a bit, that's a great way to relieve stress too.

Read more from Jules here.

Alex Leigh, Kansas City

"Taking a little bit of time for self care and watching a comfort movie resets me whenever school gets to be too much. I spent many nights with a cup of chamomile tea watching Pride and Prejudice. After a relaxing evening and a good nights rest, I feel much better the next day."

Read more from Alex here.

Megan Howarth, Baltimore

"After stressful moments in the semester, I love to decompress by listening to music, doing yoga, or reading!"

Read more from Megan here.

Aubrey Donovan, Tampa/St. Petersburg

"Take time to relax and do what you love. Studying and rehearsing can be strenuous on your mind and body and everyone needs to take time to breath. Take time to let go and refocus-- go workout, do some free writing, read a book, listen to music, take a walk, or even have a good nap. Shows have intermissions for a reason."

Read more from Aubrey here.

Katie Gleason, Brooklyn

"Finding time to recharge and be by myself. This could mean watching my favorite movie, going for a walk in the city, anything that makes me happy and where I can get some alone time to be with my thoughts. This really allows me to recharge and put my best foot forward the next day!"

Read more from Katie here.

Jordanna Garland, Delaware

"When I'm stressed, I like to hang out with my friends. Just sharing each other's company makes me feel less stressed out."

Read more from Jordanna here.

Ruby Wolter, Salt Lake City

"I like to carve out time to do things that are entirely not theatre related. Whether that be taking a walk, or watching a movie with friends, it is important to have balance."

Read more from Ruby here.

Charlie Perkins, Long Island

"I collect stuffed animals, and sometimes I need to just sit in a beanbag chair and hold one. Have something that's not in the arts that makes you happy."

Read more from Charlie here.

Sarah Alexander, South Carolina

"My favorite way to decompress is to spend time with friends watching funny movies, baking, and sharing stories!"

Read more from Sarah here.

Avery Lakoff, New Jersey

"I love putting on my a good playlist and my cooling headache cap under a cozy blanket and taking a relaxing nap. While its not very productive, its definitely calming."

Read more from Avery here.

Megan O'Keefe, Portland

"Seeing a show, go out dancing, or planning fun activities with friends."

Read more from Megan here.

Ellie Weaver, Central Pennsylvania

"I love to just sit in my room and color while watching Netflix or YouTube. It is a fun, mindless activity that I can do easily."

Read more from Ellie here.

Dwiani I, Vancouver

"Be a couch potato. Especially if you're an introvert. Time alone is precious."

Read more from Dwiani here.

Lana Sage, Boston

"Floor time and eating good food."

Read more from Lana here.

Michele Cohen, New Jersey

"My favorite way to decompress during the more stressful moments of the semester is to either listen to music or to spend time with the people closest to me."

Read more from Michele here.

Erin Barnes, Central New York

"Allow myself to watch mind-numbing TV on Netflix."

Read more from Erin here.

Lauren D, Central New York

"Watch a comfort show, hang with friends, or read a book!"

Read more from Lauren here.

Lanes Miller, New York City

"Nap. If I could sleep away all of my problems I would."

Read more from Lanes here.

Silvana Flores, Mexico

"Go out with my friends or go to the theater as an audience member."

Read more from Silvana here.

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