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SIX the Musical
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BWW TV: Bow Down Before This Royally Amazing Drama Student SIX Performance!


Due to public health and safety concerns, last night's Broadway opening of SIX was sadly cancelled, as are performances through to 12 April. But we know the Queens will be back reigning over Broadway soon - and in the meantime, here's an incredible student performance to enjoy. Check out the video below!

Arts1, a specialist performing arts school that trains talented students aged 16-18 to progress to the UK's leading conservatoires, exhibits each year at London's dance expo MOVE IT, with a performance in the Showcase Theatre.

This year, students worked with choreographer Jake Maiden and vocal coach James Grimsey to bring together this medley from SIX. Grimsey is the Head of Vocational Training at Arts1 and has worked on The X Factor, The Voice Kids and with Broadway and West End stars like Samantha Barks. "They put this together with just three days' rehearsal, a day in a recording studio and a day on set," says Grimsey. "They worked so hard and we are all so, so proud of their work."

SIX is a show that has resonated hugely with audiences. Arts1 student Olivia Phillips, 18, explains: "It's been a favourite of mine since its debut and I am forever listening to the playlist. The whole idea of these strong, independent females joining together through historical stories - yet told in a modern way - is so unique.

"I love playing Catherine Parr, as she was the only one who outlived Henry the Vlll and she makes that known throughout the show. Her song 'I Don't Need Your Love' depicts her story of leaving her old life behind to be with him, then the realisation that she doesn't actually need him to make her happy. She can get through life on her own."

Ella Jones-Seal, 18, says: "SIX speaks to me because of the female empowerment. It gives women and girls strong role models - and a history lesson! My character Catherine Howard was a victim of sexual assault starting at the young age of 13, which highlights the manipulation of women at the time and how it can still happen today."

Rosie Lowe, 19, enjoys that SIX "has more of an in-depth take" on these women's lives. She loves playing Jane Seymour, because "while the other wives are sassy, Jane is sweet and caring. Her solo is gorgeous as well, and it contrasts with the rest of the songs in the musical."

Tia Antoine-Charles, 18, is Anne of Cleves. "Getting to play such a headstrong female during Women's History Month is a dream come true," she says. "The musical celebrates women's independence and highlights how strong we are - which is so important to me, as I was raised by a single mother. Some of the most resilient people I've ever met are female, and that's why this musical is such an inspiration to women all over the world."

Fellow cast member Daisy Ward, 18, adds: "I believe our piece is a completely unique take on SIX, as it's individual to us as a college - and, hopefully, very intriguing to watch. Playing Catherine of Aragon is a dream: she's so much fun to embody and I feel like a total rock star!"

Unfortunately, the 2020 edition of MOVE IT has been cancelled because of the evolving coronavirus situation. "The cast are all devastated, as they were so excited to get this performance on stage. We're looking for the next big opportunity to launch it," explains Grimsey.

Well, BroadwayWorld is thrilled to share the video of these amazing performers here - all future Queens in the making! Get down with this exclusive first look, plus some great behind-the-scenes photographs by Jamie Scott-Smith. And all our thoughts are with the Broadway cast and crew - you're still our Queens of the Castle!




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