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BWW Blog: One Week Left

BWW Blog: One Week Left

Alright. So. There is exactly one week left of the semester. I'm so tired. I can't believe how much work I've actually gotten done. This entire time I thought I had nothing done, my life was in shambles, and I was being the least productive. I have a habit of selling myself short. I'm trying to get away from it. Anyways, I have yet to go to the library and study. During the week before finals, Pace gives undergraduate students "study days." This means that all undergraduate day classes are cancelled. You're supposed to use that time to study. As a commuter, I have the choice of heading into the city and studying or staying home. I've chosen to stay home both days. We'll see how this choice pans out.

I remember last year how stressed I was for finals. I think I'm stressed now too, but I'm at the point of eerie calmness. I know I have work to do, papers to write, due dates upon me, and whatever else is going to pop up. However, I've chosen not to think about it all at once. I've come up with a plan to section of short time blocks during the day to study for different classes. My studying can be done at home, but I like the ambience of the library. The trains have been extremely unreliable which is probably why I'm less motivated to spend my study days in Pace's library. I have only one day of real class left so I can spend the time I'm required to be in school at the library.

It's amazing that out of all my classes, I only know my grades in two of them. I'm aware of the work I've done, but I don't know how my final exam grade will impact me. I want an A, but I don't know how high I would have to score on some of my exams to get that A. Most of my finals are worth between 20% and 30% of my final grade which is a scary amount to me. I would like to try acing them, but I would like to consider my grade if I don't ace the exam. I'm one of those people that like to go on those final grade calculators just to see if I can put the least amount of effort into the final and still survive. I can't actually do that if I'm not aware of most of my current class grades.

Next semester looks promising. I'll be doing things differently by taking a few online classes. I'll also have my first internship. I'm excited to see what will happen next. This semester has been the hardest so far and I'm only a sophomore. I suppose it only gets harder from here.

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