#nofilter Comes to Adelaide Fringe

#nofilter Comes to Adelaide Fringe

Adelaide's Velvet Chase Productions present #nofilter, an internationally acclaimed mixed-media experience. #nofilter creates a theatre world of its own where vaudeville actors parade around, interacting with their audience in a backstage voyeuristic view of the Black Dog Circus when their masks are off.

Everyone wants to runway and join the circus! Life would just be so perfect..... Who did you want to be? The beautiful acrobatic with doll like features and the perfect body, or the always happy mine who finds a way to make everyone laugh or did you want to be the ringmaster.... strong, loved and admired by all, I bet you have already forgotten about the pop-corn and ticket girls? (that's ok they're not important anyway)

A cutting-edge combination of physical theatre, dance, film, and live music, #nofilter explores issues of suicide, self-harm, bulimia, dissociative identity disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction and abuse in a work that has been described as challenging, confronting, thought-provoking, and revealing.

#nofilter had its world premiere at the 2016 Adelaide Fringe Festival and was an acclaimed, sold-out success. Following fantastic reviews and an encore second run of sell-out shows #nofilter was invited to perform for a month at the Festival d'Avignon in France. The production ran a third season for the 2017 Adelaide FEAST Festival and now presents with a fourth, an extended production which will appeal even to those who have experienced the show previously, due to #nofilters always evolving storylines.

The work strives to normalise the discussion around mental illness and reflects a broader focus on addressing mental health issues, particularly around self-worth, gender and sexuality. The production is based on true events and reflects the issues experienced by the cast and crew.

"An amazing local Adelaide show around mental illness. It's raw and confronting and gets everyone talking, which is what needs to happen more in today's society. It isn't just a show; it's an experience." Audience review

#nofilter was Dannielle Candida's and Serena Wight's first and only inaugural production as joint writer's and co- director's, Candida focused on the choreography and producing side of things whilst Wight focused on all things admin and graphic design related.

Candida stepping out from the Adelaide burlesque scene and starting and alternative 'art house' production company in 2011 with this challenging and thought-provoking work, she is best described as alternative, and her previous works and concepts have long deserved the opportunity to be staged on this grand scale.

"A friend approached me to do a show with her, we started working on a show for Halloween, we were spending a lot of time developing characters based on life experiences that my friend and I had personally survived, suffered or witnessed firsthand.......some good some not so good" says Candida from Velvet Chase Productions. "Each character had its own personal biography that we created, the character had a childhood, family, emotions....We also gave each character a 'main event' the main event is usually something that has happened to the character that has leads to their mental health condition, after we cast for the roles we asked the cast to keep a diary in character and what drew them into the circus....how they feel now about the issues they have faced, how they view themselves and how they view others ... #nofilter is what emerged from that process." Candida hopes the work will help normalise discussion around mental illness. "These struggles are so often kept behind closed doors. #nofilter offers some voyeuristic insight to that which plagues so many of us."

"Raw, honest, gritty with amazing performances from its talented cast. Definitely, a show not to be missed. The show is dark In Your Face and real, but hauntingly beautiful. Bring tissues."

"Impossible to walk out at the end of this without feeling you've experienced your own feelings unfiltered."

Velvet Chase Productions has partnered with the Adelaide based organisation MOSH (Minimisation of Suicide Harm) to raise money for suicide awareness in memory of their #nofilter cast member, Mitchell.

Showing for 2 nights only Friday the 15th and Saturday 16th of March 8pm at the Marion Cultural Centre during the 2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival tickets available at ....

VIP cabaret seating available both nights, wine and platters with proceeds going to MOSH.

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