Columbus Children's Theatre to Present ARTHUR AND THE MAGIC SWORD, 2/6-23

Columbus Children's Theatre to Present ARTHUR AND THE MAGIC SWORD, 2/6-23

Columbus Children's Theatre presents Arthur and the Magic Sword by William Goldsmith Thursday February 6, 2014 - Sunday February 23, 2014. The production is directed by William Goldsmith.

Based on the Arthurian legends of a young boy named Arthur, we experience the magical tale of his ascendance to the throne of England. When a dying King Uther announces the birth of his male heir, his daughter Morgan LeFay and knight, Sir Lot, plot to place Lot on the throne. To protect the kingdom, Merlin takes the child and magical sword, "Excaliber" into hiding. Years pass. Because no ruler has been chosen, battles ensue and miraculously the magical sword appears in a stone with the inscription: "He who pulls this sword from the stone is of right born King of England." All will try, but only one boy will be King.

Columbus Children's Theatre will present Arthur and the Magic Sword at 7:30 p.m. Thursday (February 6) and Friday (February 7) and 1p.m. and 5 p.m. Saturday (February 8) and 3 p.m. Sunday (February 9) - and February 10 - February 23 at the Park Street Theatre, 512 N. Park Street. Suggested for ages 4 and up, tickets cost $16 -$21 or $13-$18 for children, students and senior citizens. All Thursday tickets are $11 each. Call 614-224-6672 or visit

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