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STAGE TUBE: Laura Benanti Joins The Skivvies at the Cutting Room

Tony Award winner Laura Benanti joined The Skivvies for a fun set at The Cutting Room. The Skivvies are award-winning singer-actors Lauren Molina (Sweeney Todd, Rock of Ages, Marry Me A Little) and Nick Cearley (All Shook Up). View the video below!

Earlier this year they became YouTube sensations for videos that
displayed their powerful harmonies as well as their powerful abs.
They released their debut single, a bluegrass-tinged hiphop
mega-medley parody called "Hardbody Hoedown," on October 30, 2012.

Molina says, "We started with covers of massively-produced dance
songs, and we knew we were going to strip down the arrangements –
cello, ukulele, glockenspiel, melodica – so we thought, ‘Why not
literally strip down to our underwear to play them?’" Thus The
Skivvies were born. Living room videos turned to live shows with big
name guest stars who strip down on stage with the band. Cearley adds,
“The mashups we’ve been doing at our live shows naturally led us to
our parody single, “Hardbody Hoedown,” where we give the filthiest rap
the prettiest twang.”

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