Truck Driver Shares Views On Life in New Poetry Book

October 24
8:25 2013

Truck Driver Shares Views On Life in New Poetry Book

The tractor trailer rules the unending highways of North America, rolling out past the state and national borders of Canada and the United States, transporting their cargo from coast to coast, through the heartland, past small towns and great cities alike, through the entirety of a continent. Author Kemy Loree Derlago has driven his rig for years, and the things he has seen in the course of his career as a trucker have inspired him to write a collection of prose and poetry titled "Life It Is What It Is As Seen Through My Eyes."

Prose and poetry, tales showcasing the immutability of the human spirit and the vulnerabilities of the soul, a paradoxical paradigm that embodies the duality of man, random thoughts and captured moments of compelling clarity, these describe just some of the works within the pages of Derlago's work. His is a chronicle of the sights and spectacles seen by a blue collar worker operating a diesel-fueled rig on the endless road, the snaking asphalt path itself a metaphor for life's journey and all its twists and turns. Derlago is an unlikely witness of stories from all facets of society, encompassing a wild variety of themes as myriad and diverse as life itself, the sum of which will make readers laugh and cry, and realize the preciousness of all life's moments. At its core, "Life It Is What It Is As Seen Through My Eyes" is an account of humanity, and this is what makes it, ultimately, an inspiring work of prose and poetry.


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