Greek Financial Analyst Releases New Book

Greek Financial Analyst Releases New Book


In recent years, the Greek economy suffered a financial collapse. An economic history of forced lending and high spending toppled the country into an economic crisis. The future of the Greek economy and the eurozone it occupies is uncertain. Author Christos Pavlopoulos wants to change this uncertainty into a positive outlook.

Written in Greek - and soon in English and Swedish - the new book by Pavlopoulos titled "The Real Solution to the Crisis!" (published by AuthorHouse UK) educates readers on the changing financial landscape of not only Greece, but all other countries.

While the book examines the financial state of today's world from its history to its recent downfall, the book also presents a business model for those willing to resurrect the economy of Greece and many other countries in financial trouble. The history of paper and metal currency is also conferred, including its origins, the idea of monetary value and the economic process of inflation, among other related topics.

Pavlopoulos hopes his book will inspire others to create their own financial destiny and be prepared for if and when another financial crisis strikes.

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By Christos Pavlopoulos
Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 226 pages | ISBN 9781496981424
Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 226 pages | ISBN 9781496981431
E-Book | 226 pages | ISBN 9781496981448
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