VIDEO: New Trailer for Adam Newport-Berra's THANKSGIVING, Premiere July 3

June 28
11:43 AM 2014

Passing a joint around a Thanksgiving feast each guest recites what they are most thankful for; success, friendship, beginnings, endings, and, most importantly, love. Amy--a young, flailing Brooklynite--is most thankful for the unexpected presence of her brother Will, but this sentiment is not shared by her devoted partner Alex.

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Alex is the antithesis of Will. Alex has a day job, while Will makes ends meet. Alex dresses with precision, while Will's beard hangs in defiance. Will's brooding manner at the party suggests a predator stalking prey; circling, taunting, quietly calling into question the lives the guests have chosen to lead as they indulge on this traditional day of American gluttony. With nowhere else to go, Will spends the night, adding to the simmering tension between Alex and Amy.

A post-holiday hiking tradition sends Alex and Will into the wilds of upstate New York, the chasm between the two widening with each exchange. While in the woods they seem to lose their way among the intersecting paths - they search, looking for something to guide them - a waterfall, a birdwatcher, mutual understanding. Following a heated exchange atop a small mountain, Will reveals his true nature.

In this film, New York based director Adam Newport-Berra creates a lush, sullen mood of a claustrophobic urban landscape. Soft, welcoming apartment interiors, the charge of wobbly drunken nights, and the inherent closeness of the city are placed in opposition to the sweeping, stark beauty of an opposing natural world. The film deftly portrays a new generation of conflicted Millennials balancing their insatiable desire for immediate excitement with the inherent need for a calm lasting shelter. Do you prefer to make house or do you prefer to make experiences?

THANKSGIVING Makes its World Premiere on July 3rd as Part of Rooftop Film's Summer Series.

VIDEO: New Trailer for Adam Newport-Berra's THANKSGIVING, Premiere July 3
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