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Marquis Theatre on Broadway Theater: Info & Seating Chart Stage Door

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210 W. 46th St.

New York, NY 10036

BUILT: 1986

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Seating Chart

Marquis Theatre (Broadway) Seating Chart

Marquis Theatre (Broadway) History

Opened in 1986, the Marquis Theatre is one of the newest theatres to be built on Broadway. Located inside the Marriott Marquis Hotel, it was designed to provide maximum comfort for audiences and actors while conveying a feeling of intimacy. The venue features an expansive backstage, high ceilings, state-of-the-art acoustics, wide aisles, comfortable seats, ample restrooms, and parking. Since its opening, the theatre has showcased a series of hit musicals including Me and My Girl, Gypsy, Man of La Mancha, The Goodbye Girl, Damn Yankees, Victor/Victoria, Peter Pan, Annie Get Your Gun, and Thoroughly Modern Millie. Before or after seeing a show at the Marquis, theatergoers can dine at one of the fine restaurants located throughout the hotel. The Marquis has 1,611 seats and is one of The Nederlander Organization's nine Broadway theatres.

Rumor has it that when the Marquis Theatre was built- by architects whose history was primarily with hotels and not theatres- they forgot to build dressing rooms, and they were added as an afterthought. If you enter the lobby, you can see a glass wall of advertisements... if not for the adds, you could see directly through the glass wall into the dressing rooms.

Shows at the Marquis Theatre (Broadway)

3/29/2024 - The Wiz (2024)
5/13/2023 - 9/3/2023 Once Upon a One More Time (2023)
4/8/2022 - 1/8/2023 Beetlejuice (2022)
3/29/2019 - 1/5/2020 Tootsie (2019)
11/23/2018 - 12/30/2018 The Illusionists - Magic of the Holidays (2018)
2/16/2018 - 7/1/2018 Escape to Margaritaville (2018)
9/12/2016 - 10/24/2016 Black to the Future (2016)
10/5/2015 - 8/20/2017 On Your Feet (2015)
7/7/2015 - 8/16/2015 Penn & Teller on Broadway (2015)
11/26/2014 - 1/4/2015 The Illusionists- Witness the Impossible (2014)
12/16/2013 - 1/5/2014 The Rascals: Once Upon a Dream (2013) [Cancelled]
4/5/2013 - 5/12/2013 Jekyll & Hyde (2013)
3/12/2012 - 1/26/2013 Evita (2012)
8/7/2011 - 1/22/2012 Follies (2011)
3/21/2011 - 5/15/2011 Wonderland (2011)
12/9/2010 - 1/2/2011 Donny & Marie - A Broadway Christmas (2010)
3/1/2010 - 9/5/2010 Come Fly Away (2010)
11/13/2009 - 1/3/2010 Irving Berlin's White Christmas (2009)
4/7/2009 - 9/6/2009 9 to 5: The Musical (2009)
1/13/2009 - 1/31/2009 Soul of Shaolin (2009)
11/14/2008 - 1/4/2009 Irving Berlin's White Christmas (2008)
3/15/2008 - 6/22/2008 Cry-Baby (2008)
4/3/2006 - 12/30/2007 The Drowsy Chaperone (2006)
10/28/2005 - 2/19/2006 The Woman in White (2005)
11/11/2004 - 6/26/2005 La Cage aux Folles (2004)
3/19/2002 - 6/20/2004 Thoroughly Modern Millie (2002)
12/24/2001 - 12/30/2001 A Christmas Carol (2001)
2/2/1999 - 9/1/2001 Annie Get Your Gun (1999)
11/20/1998 - 1/3/1999 Peter Pan (1998)
10/20/1998 - 11/15/1998 Aznavour (1998)
4/15/1998 - 8/2/1998 Forever Tango (1997)
12/1/1997 - 3/28/1998 The Capeman (1998)
10/3/1995 - 7/27/1997 Victor/Victoria (1995)
3/3/1994 - Damn Yankees (1994)
2/14/1994 - 8/6/1995 Damn Yankees (1994)
2/13/1993 - 8/15/1993 The Goodbye Girl (1993)
9/9/1992 - 10/18/1992 Oba Oba '93 (1992)
3/31/1992 - 7/26/1992 Man of La Mancha (1992)
10/8/1991 - 12/15/1991 Nick & Nora (1991)
4/18/1991 - 7/28/1991 Gypsy (1989)
11/1/1990 - 1/20/1991 Shogun: The Musical (1990)
3/7/1990 - 4/22/1990 Oba Oba '90 (1990)
8/1/1986 - 12/31/1989 Me and My Girl (1986)
7/9/1986 - 7/15/1986 Shirley Bassey (1986)

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Havana CentralName: Havana Central
Address: 151 West 46th Street
Description: Havana Central is a cuban restaurant in Times Square offering Cuban fare, cocktails and live music. The restaurant offers a unique atmosphere with a retro Havana setting. Dine in, take-out, delivery, and off-site catering are available.

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Le MaraisName: Le Marais
Address: 150 West 46th Street
Description: Le Marais is a long standing, French steakhouse that is entirely Kosher. Its flavorful meats tie perfectly with its extensive drink menu. Located only a block away from the Marriot Marquis Theatre, it is a great spot for a pre-show meal.

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T45 at the Hyatt Time SquareName: T45 at the Hyatt Time Square
Address: 135 West 45th Street
Description: Within the Hyatt Times Square Hotel, T45 is an impressive rooftop bar and restaurant with stunning views of the city. Aside from its outdoor seating, T45 also has a chic interior with a clean, fresh look. The menu carries traditional American cuisine and all its ingredients are locally sourced.

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