Previews: ARTS LEGACY REMIX PROJECT - GLOBAL PRIDE at Straz Center Riverwalk

On Friday, March 24, The Straz Center's Legacy Remix Project celebrates global pride and being authentically yourself on the Riverwalk Stage.

Review: ALANIS MORISSETTE'S JAGGED LITTLE PILL Will Leave You Breathless At Straz Center

To celebrate diversity in Tampa Bay, The Straz Center created The Straz Arts Legacy REMIX Project, a community-driven initiative that celebrates Tampa Bay's diverse cultures and backgrounds. The project is designed to be inclusive and welcoming to all, and it features a variety of performances and educational programs. Performers of all mediums join together to entertain for a free event highlighting the beauty of a particular culture or community.

On Friday, March 24, The Straz Center's Legacy Remix Project celebrates global pride and being authentically yourself on the Riverwalk Stage.

The lineup features John Carlos Arcos of the Gay Mens Chorus of Tampa Bay; Sam Obeid, spoken word artist; projectALCHEMY dancers; His Hem, harpist; and Shevonne & The Force musical group. Adriana Corso will perform contemporary dances using light and paint.

Review: ALANIS MORISSETTE'S JAGGED LITTLE PILL Will Leave You Breathless At Straz Center
Spoken word poet Sam Obeid

Sam Obeid is excited to participate in the special event commemorating the Stonewall Riots and their impact on the LGBTQIA community. She will be performing original spoken word revolving around social justice.

"I'm looking forward to the audience. It's a free event, so it's accessible to the community. I enjoy performing outdoors. It not only brings in people who are there for the show, but it also brings in passersby. I think there's something to be said about a space and entertainment/social justice venue that can draw people's attention as it is happening. The audience is my favorite part of the show because you never know how they will respond. I've had the privilege of always having a fantastic audience so far. But each of their responses is so different, and you never know how they will respond - depending on geography, what's happening at that moment or historically, where people are in their lives, thoughts, and feelings. It's how your work may or may not impact them. The conversations after the show are always my favorite part."

She hopes after her performance, the audience will think about what the intersectionality of the LGBQ+ identities means. She gave an example that queer identities intersect with race, ethnicity, immigration status, abilities, and gender in ways we have yet to understand.

"Often, the mainstream queer movement is still very white. Unless we have a moment in time that is focused on racial justice, we often forget that queerness intersects with various identities. It is always dominated by dominant identities, and that is a huge problem, not just in America, but around the world, in general. A lot of the marginalized communities have their voices left out. I want the audience to focus on 'whose voice have I not heard yet or whose voice did I unintentionally silence and how will I rectify that? What will I do in the future to uplift and elevate these voices?"

She hopes by hearing her words, the audience will see themselves on stage and not feel alone.

When asked what the best aspect of being a social justice spoken word poet is, she ironically answered.

The good thing to me as a poet is that my poems seem relevant no matter what year it is. The bad thing to me as a human is that my poems seem relevant no matter what year it is."

The Straz Arts Legacy REMIX, Global Pride celebration, is March 24 at 730 pm, Straz Riverwalk. To learn more, visit,

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