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David Williamson's The Club (an all-female, 3 actor version) at Belvoir Street Theatre


12/7/2018 - 12/22/2018


Belvoir Street Theatre

25 Belvoir St, Surry Hills NSW 2010
Sydney, 2010
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Phone: +61(2) 9699 3444 (box office)

David Williamson's The Club (an all-female, 3 actor version) in Australia - Sydney

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A football club on the brink of great change. The Club is in crisis – the old guard is being put into question and a new path must be paved.

Tradition vies against innovation in a world in which mateship, casual violence, homophobia and racism are not only commonplace but par for the course, where the pool table and the whiskey bottle are go-tos for letting off steam and the pressure is on to be the hero, to save the team and the name of the club in the process.

A bold new imagining of David Williamson’s classic 1977 play by all-female theatre company, isthisyours?

Performed by just three actors, Williamson’s incisive and hilarious dialogue rings true at a time when women’s roles in the club are no longer confined to being merely spectators or supporters of men, but as true champions of an ever evolving and much loved game.

Presented by isthisyours? at 25A.

Image based on original cover design of The Club, first published by Currency Press in 1978.

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