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Guest Reviewer Kym Vaitiekus Shares His Thoughts On ONCE

ONCE, A love story you must experience.

Guest Reviewer Kym Vaitiekus Shares His Thoughts On ONCE

Wednesday 9th June 2021, 7:30pm, Darlinghurst Theatre Company.

ONCE, A love story you must experience.
The story begins in Dublin with a forlorn Guy who decides to forgo his passion of music. It's s a declaration, that his one and only has left to live in New York.
Along comes the effervescent Girl, who's joy for life erupts when she hears Guy's beautiful songs. She encourages him to return to his gift of composing with the notion of creating a published album.

While the Girl raises her young daughter and cares for her mother, she deals with a mostly distance husband. Through her ordeals, she passionately takes on the project of promoting Guy's heartfelt compositions.

This takes the pair on a journey of love and learning.

Toby Francis and Stephanie Caccamo
Toby Francis' Guy is grounded, sincere, introspective and earnest. The power, passion and energy in his voice enhances his command of this role.

Stephanie Caccamo's Girl is such a joy to behold. Caccamo has perfectly found the depth, honesty, warmth, passion and spark that is the Girl. Her total embodiment of the role is enhanced by her voice and superb execution of the tunes she performs.

Rupert Reid wonderfully balances the masculinity, honesty, bravado and concern of his character while using his expert comic and musical talents.

Drew Livingston, while part of the ensemble, instantly appears as the traditional Bank manager, but one with a personal desire. He commands this role perfectly and it's a highlight moment of the night.

Jay Laga'aia as Da is wonderfully introspective and endearing, an appealing and warm performance where one wants his stage presence to last longer.

Victoria Falconer, Tamlyn Henderson, Deirdre Khoo, Abe Mitchell and Patrick Schnur are superb in their roles, all with exceptional talents. The ensemble cast make a night of nonstop joyous musical moments.

Victoria Falconer, Tamlyn Henserson, Deirere Khoo, Abe Mitchell and Patrick SchnurAbe
Composers Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova have created an amazing and beautiful song list. It's worth going to this production just to hear these uplifting ballads. The gift is that they are exquisitely performed by this talented cast.

This is an amazing love story but in an unexpected way.

At one point Caccamo's Girl performs a piece about the angst of love. This scene beautifully speaks of the three different relationships that entangle her life.
To hear Caccamo's glorious voice express her state of emotions, while connecting these threads, is wonderfully moving.

The songs are joyous to hear. They are about and come from love.
Each and every cast member performs their roles with passion. You can see that they ooze the love that is emanating from the essence of the work.

Guest Reviewer Kym Vaitiekus Shares His Thoughts On ONCE

Hugh O'Connor's clever and handsome set along with Peter Rubie's elegant lighting create striking and cinematic visuals and moments.

Director, Richard Carroll, has a complete and utter command of the work. He has created a beautiful, tender, passionate and wonderous production. Here is another example of extraordinary theatre that you can discover in Sydney.

For a night with incredible performers, with beautiful songs in a passionate story and for the gift of love, see this show.
At least. Once.

PHOTO CREDIT: Robert Catto

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