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'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,' is a phrase used to encourage an optimistic attitude, to change something undesirable to something more pleasant. Casey, a young Elvis impersonator uses this phrase to the fullest as his life takes a sudden turn. THE LEGEND OF GEORGIA MCBRIDE had its first performance in Korea on November 27th at Uniplex Hall 2, welcoming the Korean audience to an extraordinary story of how a young man's life entirely changed.

Casey and Jo are a young couple who live each of their days with love for one another. However, life is not always easy for them, with their landlord constantly urging them to pay rent and Casey having trouble at work. When the bar owner's drag queen cousin comes over to Florida to take over Casey's act, Casey finds himself in a position where he has to choose between losing his job or taking a part in the drag show. Though he hesitates for a bit, he decides to stand on stage in drag to earn money for Jo and the upcoming baby. However, what was supposed to be a onetime thing leads to an ongoing act as Casey not only realizes how much money he can make but a realization of his identity.

THE LEGEND OF GEORGIA MCBRIDE elaborates on the journey of how Casey realizes the truth about himself through drag. Despite the fact it was a choice that he had to make, it eventually became one of the most influential events that happened to him. Through two different characters, Casey and Lexi, THE LEGEND OF GEORGIA MCBRIDE shows different perspectives about drag. In the case of Lexi, he describes drag as himself, that drag was the means of survival for him. However, in the case of Casey, drag was something that just crossed his path by chance. Though, later, through drag, he realizes what he truly wants and decides that doing drag and living the persona of Georgia McBride is what makes him truly happy.

This play is full of bright, colorful scenes with a strong message about identity and truth. With famous pop songs and exciting dance moves, it not only pushes the actors but the audience to think outside their comfort zone. Through the show, we can think about the truth of ourselves and even the hidden personalities that we may have tried to suppress or not even acknowledge.

The wonderful story of Georgia McBride ends on February 23 at the Uniplex Hall 2. Tickets start at 45,000 KRW and can be purchased at the box office offline or at Make sure to check the cast before purchasing tickets.

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