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BWW Review: INSIDE WILLIAM at Daehakro Art One Theater 1

The Birth of a Masterpiece

BWW Review: INSIDE WILLIAM  at Daehakro Art One Theater 1

William Shakespeare and his works are no doubt, one of the most popular subject matter for numerous films, shows, and theatrical pieces. INSIDE WILLIAM takes a slightly different approach, by displaying a story of how his masterpieces were created. Come along as we follow Shakespeare's writing journey, meeting with the beloved characters, Hamlet, Romeo, and Juliet, and realizing what a true 'masterpiece' is. The doors to 'paradise' opened on March 2nd, at Daehakro Art One Theater 1, welcoming those to Shakespeare's studio.

BWW Review: INSIDE WILLIAM  at Daehakro Art One Theater 1

The production company of INSIDE WILLIAM, The Best Plays Inc. is a prominent Korean theater company, with shows such as 'LUNGS,' 'The 100-year old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared' and many more. Mainly known for producing plays, INSIDE WILLIAM was their first-ever musical production. Yet, with an exciting story that reinterprets some of Shakespeare's masterpieces such as Hamlet and Romeo & Juliet, comedic aspects, and amazing numbers, the company has proved its talent in musical production as well.

William Shakespeare, a new playwright struggles to write a masterpiece that everybody would praise and would later be translated into different languages. While drafting his new works, Hamlet and Romeo & Juliet, the manuscripts get mixed up on a particularly windy day. Blaming his broken window, Shakespeare desperately tries to organize each story, however, realizes that the characters have already met each other in 'paradise,' and developed the free will to write their own narrative.

As an English literature major, I am quite familiar with Shakespeare and his works. I've also seen several different adaptations and interpretations of his pieces, and yet INSIDE WILLIAM was a delightful surprise at how well they portrayed Shakespeare with a more light and comedic approach.

BWW Review: INSIDE WILLIAM  at Daehakro Art One Theater 1

Another interesting aspect is that INSIDE WILLIAM shows Shakespeare in his early days when he had just made his debut as a playwright and was receiving harsh criticism. Instead of showing how amazing of a writer he was, but rather focusing on his struggle seemed more relevant to showing how he concludes that a masterpiece is what he wants to write.

An inspiring characteristic of INSIDE WILLIAM is that the story follows the narrative of Hamlet, Juliet, and Romeo but gives them more power over their own story. Rather than simply describing them as they are, each character is given more narrative and free will. It makes the audience think of the characters in a new light and truly imagine what would have happened if Hamlet decided to not become King of Denmark and Juliet decided to choose something else than love.

INSIDE WILLIAM is a witty show filled with several comedic points and amazing numbers. It is genuinely a show that will bring a smile to your face while watching. The journey of Shakespeare ends on March 25, tickets start at 22,000 KRW and can be purchase at the box office. Be sure to check the cast and schedule before purchasing tickets.

Please be sure to wear masks at all times and fill out the self-checkup list before entering the theater. Following the COVID 19 guidelines are mandatory to create a safer place for both actors and the audience.

Photo Credit: The Best Plays Inc. Twitter

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