The Drunken City


Peter Jay Sharp Theater (at Playwrights Horizons)

(New York, NY)
416 West 42nd Street
by Kristin Salaky - March 28, 2008
You know those very annoying packs of young drunkards you run into around 3am or so while wandering the bar-stuffed streets of the Lower East Side or the West Village, trying to find the nearest open pizza joint or Gray's Papaya in a quest to carbo-absorb the evening's alcoholic intake? The kind that insists on merrily prancing the pavement with their voice volumes set to 11 and their wits set at 3rd grade, so excited to be partying in the city? Adam Bock wrote a whole play about them! Well, maybe not a whole play… is ninety minutes a whole play? But in any case, you know something… Once you get to know these annoying brats, they're actually kinda fun to be with. At least when the things they say are written by Adam Bock and Trip Cullman directs the way they say them.