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Company's Coming - 1931 - Broadway


Lyceum Theatre (Broadway)

(New York, NY)
149 W. 45th St.
by David De Almo - Apr 3, 2014
OUT LOUD's Kira Hawkridge is young for an artistic director - younger even than the slew of still comparatively young AD's elsewhere in the state. Separating her further from those other groups, like it or not, is her gender. There are very few female AD's in this market, but Hawkridge isn't one to let age or gender slow her down -- or box her in.
by Cara Richardson - Apr 29, 2014
Tennessee Repertory Theatre begins their Ingram New Works Festival on May 7th. In preparation for the big event, Tennessee Repertory let their playwrights interview each other on their blog. We are sharing those interviews with our readers here at with the permission of Tennesse Repertory Theatre. Second in the series: Andrew Kramer interviews fellow playwright Jeremey Sony!