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EDINBURGH 2016: BWW Q&A - Exactly Like You

We speak to Lotte Rice about her 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show Exactly Like You.

What can you tell us about Exactly Like You?

It's about a girl who has fallen into the daily grind and lost her spark of creativity since the death of her inspirational grandmother. During the day she is visited by the voice of Nina Simone and draws strength from the monumental influence of her words and lyrics, just as her grandmother had done.

What was the inspiration behind it?

I was writing a poem about a girl whose creativity is stifled by a series of events, some of her own making. It struck me, while listening to a lot of Simone, how powerful the influence of a role model with a clear and unrelenting vision could be to someone in need of guidance. I started to write it into a poem and realised it was actually a play.

Why bring it to Edinburgh?

It's a unique style of storytelling, and Edinburgh welcomes new ideas so well. There are a variety of techniques used to tell the story. But also, Edinburgh is such a great place to be inspired by other artists.

This is your debut one-woman show at the Fringe - is that more nerve-wracking?

Its very nerve-wracking if I focus too much on the risks, and all the things that could go wrong! I have to try very hard to not do that otherwise I start rattling with fear. But yes, not having a team of other actors is daunting, as is the pressure from being the writer too.

Who would you recommend comes to see Exactly Like You?

EVERYONE haha. But more specifically, people who enjoy rhyme, music, a capella singing, playful, but poignant storytelling. People who like to laugh and cry.

Timings and ticket information for Exactly Like You are available on the edfringe website.

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