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Review: BKLYN THE MUSICAL at Titusville Playhouse

Powerhouse production of this lesser-known gem of a musical focused on Fame, Faith, and Fate

Review: BKLYN THE MUSICAL at Titusville Playhouse Has anyone ever read you a fairytale? So goes the opening line of "Once Upon A Time" the best-known song from BKLYN THE MUSICAL, a show that you might not have heard of before (it played on Broadway in 2004) but one that, in the hands of the stellar team of performers and creatives at the Titusville Playhouse, shines so brightly it just might become your new favorite. This story of love, loss, fame, faith and fate is one of those hidden gems that is performed so well and brought to life so flawlessly that it makes you want to leave the theatre and shout from the rooftops so others can experience the magic for themselves. Trust me - you need this musical in your life.Review: BKLYN THE MUSICAL at Titusville Playhouse

BKLYN THE MUSICAL features book, music and lyrics by Mark Schoenfeld and Barri McPherson. The play within a play is the story of Brooklyn (Olga Intriago) a young Parisian singer who is on the search for her long-lost father, Taylor (Joey Leavitt). She travels to her namesake, Brooklyn (her father's hometown) and rises to fame for her voice and her story. In doing so, she catches the eye (and ire) of superstar diva Paradice (Jocelyn Evans) who challenges Brooklyn to a sing-off at Madison Square Garden. As Brooklyn prepares for the event, she meets the "Streetsinger" (Brett Jones), who helps guide her to her father and serves as her "Magic Man" (think homeless fairy godfather). The entire story is delivered as a street play, performed by the "City Weeds" who bring to life the fairytale using materials around them under the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Review: BKLYN THE MUSICAL at Titusville Playhouse Titusville Playhouse's BKLYN THE MUSICAL is a tour de force from the opening chord to the final bows. There is pure magic happening on the stage and I can't say enough good things about the show (but I will try i??). First, Director (and Executive Artistic Director) Steven J. Heron has crafted this show like a fine meal. Each flavor shining more, not just because they are great alone but because they work so perfectly in conjunction together. His direction is inspired - a fine choreography of creative elements and brilliant performances that capture the core emotion (and thrill of this story). This is a performance that will not be soon forgotten.Review: BKLYN THE MUSICAL at Titusville Playhouse

And speaking of performances, this cast is hands down one of the best vocally I have heard in some time. Every one of them shows off amazing pipes solo, but when the whole ensemble sings together it is like a wall of beautiful sound that takes your breath away. And for a rock score like BKLYN THE MUSICAL, that is no easy feat. And while much of the dialogue is sung through, the cast also shines bringing their characters to life. In the title role, Olga Intriago sparkles as Brooklyn. She conveys a sense of determination balanced with an innocence and truth that is elevated whenever she opens her mouth to sing. As the diva we "love to hate", Jocelyn Evans is dynamite. Her Paradice is headstrong and without a filter. She enters the story with a fabulous "Superlover" and every time she takes the stage it is bigger, better and bolder. And wow, what a voice. Speaking of amazing voices, Brett Jones, as Streetsinger, offers a smooth, clear and solid delivery, especially in the number "Magic Man". Rounding out the cast, Joey Leavitt gives a great performance as Brooklyn's father, Taylor Collins as does Kara Howard as her mother, Faith. And as the "City Weeds" who help bring the story to life, Sam Kaufman, Josiah Randolph and Angela Tims were great.

Review: BKLYN THE MUSICAL at Titusville Playhouse But as I said, what makes BKLYN THE MUSICAL so great is the perfect synergy of direction, vision, performance and creative design. The creativity on display on stage is amazing and just keeps coming scene after scene. First, Jonathan Willis' scenic (and prop) design is not only functional but serves to transport the audience (and the city weeds telling the story) to the various locations in the musical. From multitudes of table lamps as "stars" to a beautifully rendered set of angel's wings from clothes hangers, Mr. Willis' designs shine. In a similar way, Jordyn Linkous' work translates that creative aesthetic to the out of this world costumes. His designs for Brooklyn (which always include takeaway bags in some form) and Paradice (who sports a beautiful gown made of trash bags and caution tape) are a sight to behold and make the story shine that much more. Luke Atkison's lighting design and Spencer Crosswell's sound design hit the rock vibe perfectly and add the perfect level of drama and punctuation to the stage. Mr. Crosswell, who also serves as music director and conductor of the small but might band deserves much credit for the quality and power of the music in BKLYN. The rock style is not easy to pull off (both singing and instrumentally) and it comes across flawlessly.

Overall, Titusville Playhouse's production of BKLYN THE MUSICAL is like lightning in a bottle. It is powerful, beautiful to behold, and electrifies. And if you are the type of theatregoer who often avoids shows you aren't familiar with already - trust me - if you like a good rock musical, one with vocals that bring the house down, brilliant artistic takes on a familiar aesthetic, and a fairytale story told in a super creative way you need to make it to Titusville and see this show.

Review: BKLYN THE MUSICAL at Titusville Playhouse


BKLYN THE MUSICAL presented by Titusville Playhouse runs through June 20th. Tickets start at $25. Live performances take place at the Titusville Playhouse, 301 Julia Street, Titusville, FL 32796. Tickets can also be purchased for stream @ home performances. Tickets for live and streaming productions can be purchased by visiting or calling (321) 268-1125 - office hours are Tuesday - Friday 10-3.

All Photos by Titusville Playhouse: Niko Stamos

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