Needs More Work Productions to Present Choose Your Own Ending ANTIGONE

Performances are on July 12-14 and July 19-21 at 5:30 PM.

By: Jun. 14, 2024
Needs More Work Productions to Present Choose Your Own Ending ANTIGONE
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Needs More Work Productions, one of New York City's leading immersive theater companies, will present a one of a kind adaptation for Sophocles' Greek tragedy. Join them this summer in Queens to have your say in deciding the famous play's ending- Should Antigone be pardoned? Ismene crowned Queen Regent of Thebes? Maybe Creon was right all along? This summer - the choice is completely yours.

Led by Artistic Director Sivan Raz, Anti-Gone presents an innovative approach to the well known classic. In the show, a modern acting troupe battles with the strict societal values presented in Antigone. The only way to solve the puzzle is through a complete dismantling of the theatrical form and an honest discussion with you - the audience. Is a happy ending for Antigone's story possible? Will we be able to find that which has not been found in the 2,500 years since the play's premiere- a solution?

Performances will take place on July 12th-14th and July 19th-21st, at 5:30PM. This is a free admission event, with a recommended donation of $25 per person after the show. Reserve your ticket today through

"Antigone was always a play about political decision making", says Raz, who is the visionary force behind this project and acts as its director and composer. "From ancient Greece to modern times, the public was always a crucial part of that process. It's almost the next logical step for them, meaning you, to participate in the story and council Creon on his fatal decision". Raz, a promising young director, wanted the show to correspond with current trends in political activism.

"This play was always meant to be topical", they say. "Nowadays, we see a shift towards putting public trust in community-led solutions instead of official systems of power. To be true to Antigone's spirit and original intention, I felt like I had to follow that guiding principle". Raz expertly leads the show's ensemble through a celebration of song, dance and ritual, utilizing every tool in the natural landscape around to create a true spectacle.

"I think this play is relevant because it addresses questions many of us have today", says Devon Khalsa, who plays the role of Ismene. "The argument between Antigone and Ismene represents a tension a lot of us have within ourselves. How much are we willing to lose to fight against unjust action? What is our duty as citizens of this country and as humans?" Katy Shafer, who stars as the titular character, agrees. "I think we feel that we do not have the power to do anything, but we actually do if we choose to take action, which is what Antigone does. Any person has the chance to make a difference."

And the cast cannot wait to welcome audiences into this adventure. "I'm really excited for our audiences to have the chance to live inside my tragic hero's flaws alongside me," says Maggie Dickinson, taking on the role of the tormented Creon. Hila Shats, who plays the Chorus Leader, adds: "When we think of New York we always think about how urban it is, but my favorite thing about the city is the amount of green spaces everywhere. Encouraging people to spend a day outside is such a privilege".

Reserve your free ticket today to see Anti-Gone live this July and spend an afternoon in the tumultuous Thebes.

The cast and crew of Anti-Gone includes Sivan Raz, Gianna Vasquez Bartolini, Joni Griffith, Hila Shats, Katy Shafer, Maggie Dickinson, Devon Khalsa, Eli Lomax and Ian Johnston.

As Choreographer Gianna Vasquez Bartolini puts it, "Combining ancient ritual, contemporary movement vocabulary, classical theater text, and avant-garde approach to material creates such an exciting space to be a part of!"


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