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Karl Saint Lucy Presents Spooky QUEER STAR TREK Read-Aloud For Halloween

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The production benefits Transgender Law Center.

Karl Saint Lucy Presents Spooky QUEER STAR TREK Read-Aloud For Halloween

Karl Saint Lucy, co-producer of the #MakeItGay queer script read-aloud show on YouTube Live with Gaby Dunn (Ocean's 11 But It's Gay, The Breakfast Club Is Black and Queer, Brokeback Mountain... But It's Trans for NewFest), presents a queer read-aloud of Star Trek: The Next Generation's spooky nightmare episode, Night Terrors, for Halloween on Sunday, November 1, 2020 at 4pm EDT on Facebook Live. The production benefits Transgender Law Center through its Tiltify fundraiser, which has raised $190 of its $250 goal to date.

The read-aloud is presented live by Dramatis Personae, "an international collective of nerds that seeks to realize Star Trek's vision of an inclusive and optimistic future by performing parodies of past episodes and critiquing them through a queer and class-conscious lens." The troupe has presented queer- and trans-friendly satirical read-alouds of Star Trek scripts from The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise every other Sunday since the beginning of quarantine with amateur actors from California, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Connecticut, New York, Vermont, England, and Northern Ireland.

November 1st's episode, Night Terrors, takes the Enterprise-D to an investigation of the missing USS Brattain, where Counsellor Troi (played by Marny Mortimore) begins to have strange nightmares in which a mysterious voice (played by Steffi) repeats "Eyes in the dark, one moon circles." The episode, campy and spooky in the extreme (even by Trek standards), is listed by TechRepublic in its "five worst Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes ever." Night Terrors represents Dramatis Personae's 17th live production since its inaugural episode, Tuvix (from Star Trek: Voyager) on April 12.

In addition to calling attention to the more ridiculous aspects of syndicated Trek, each episode concludes with a talkback with the gender-blind cast, in which host Angel M. Castillo (The Weakest Link on NBC) leads discussions on Star Trek's treatment of gender, economics, and politics as represented in the 23rd and 24th centuries. The resulting conversations often give rise to the ways in which Trek writers aspired to write stories for queer and trans characters, which went largely unrealized under Rick Berman's direction for the franchise through the early 2000s. Viewers who wish to take part in the talkback are welcome to ask questions in chat during the presentation.

Past read-alouds are available on the Dramatis Personae YouTube channel.

Dramatis Personae presents Night Terrors

Night Terrors will feature Maksim Rex as Narrator/Stage Directions; Becks Flatt as Picard; Randall C. Brown as Riker; Lois Triplett as Data; Marny Mortimore as Troi; Zack Coates as Worf; Olivia Astrid as Crusher; Casey Lowry as Hagan; Leta Chrisman as LaForge; Robbie Laughton as Zaheva, Peeples, Rager, Medic, and Security; Steffi as "The Voice;" Angel M. Castillo as Keiko; Ben Church as O'Brien; J.B. Flatt as Gillespie; Lael Newton as Lin; and Sarah Horton as Guinan.

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