VIDEO: WICKED CLONE Releases Music Video For Title Song

While preparing for an epic tour of their off Broadway long-running hit "Wicked Clone The Cinema Musical", Indiggo Twins premiere their new video "Wicked Clone," the title song of their Cinema Musical and cast album released under Broadway Records:

Wicked Clone The Cinema Musical is the story of a vampire bitten by a human being and injected with the human virus of INSPIRATION.

The musical is based on the 500-page art bestselling novel "Wicked Clone or How to Deal with the Evil" written by Mihaela Modorcea:

The twins wrote, composed, arranged, choreographed and designed the entire show "which features an epic film from beginning to end." (Zachary Stewart, Theater Mania

The heroes of the play, Mihaela Modorcea and Gabriela Modorcea, pop out from the screen onto the stage, interacting with the audience and with seven other characters from the screen.

"Wicked Clone" is the alter ego of each of us, (our past, fears, ego)...the hindrance that we need to overcome to reach our happiness in life. "The more we look at God, the more Inspiration we receive, thus overcoming the Wicked Clone and using it for our art, for our heart." expresses Mihaela, the author of the book.

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The video depicts an avalanche of fight-dancing in the breaking of waves and on stage between Mihaela- the 5-minute older twin sister and her alter ego - the Wicked Clone Gabriela. Through the magic mirror, Gabriela sneaks inside Mihaela's brain, shattering her peace away

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