THE GLASS PROTEGE - Glitterati Productions Non Equity Auditions

Posted: April 3, 2014
Audition Location: Chicago, IL

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Glitterati Productions will be holding auditions for American premiere of The Glass Protege by Dylan Costello.

Auditions will be held on May 18 with callbacks on May 19. Only non-Equity. This is paid work.
Rehearsals begin in January with performances starting on February 19, 2015 at Theater Wit.

Please send your headshot and resume to:
Indicate which character(s) you wish to read for.

Directed by John Nasca, The Glass Protege is set in Hollywood 1949. In the era of stifling movie production restraints and stars kept under oppressive control by their bosses, young British actor Patrick Glass, newly arrived in Hollywood, feels the full force of the studios’ brute career-destroying power when he embarks on a scandalous love affair with his famous male co-star. As the Hollywood powers-that-be and the prevailing social morality clamp down on this unacceptable romance and decide to tear it apart, the ramifications will still be felt forty years later when Ava meets her future father-in-law Pat, a bitter and reclusive former actor - and gradually uncovers the secrets and truth of his past.

Cast breakdown
MALE 1 – ‘PATRICK’ (early-mid 20s). A fresh-faced, handsome, innocent actor from England. Standard English RP accent and full frontal nudity required.

MALE 2 – ‘JACKSON’ (late 20s/early 30s). A sexy, brooding, mildly intimidating rebellious actor from Texas. Southern USA/Texan accent and full frontal nudity required.

MALE 3 – ‘GEORGE’ (40s). A troubled, lonely, slightly ‘off’ guy who craves attention and approval from his father. Californian accent.

MALE 4 – ‘PAT’ (60s). The older version of ‘Patrick’ – a bitter, reclusive, heartbroken former actor filled with guilt and regret. Standard English RP accent.

MALE 5 – ‘LLOYD’ (40s). An over-confident, cocky, controlling and ruthless movie producer and agent. Standard American accent.

FEMALE 1 – ‘AVA’ (20s). A wide-eyed German mail-order bride, big hearted, very intelligent but dreamy. Speaks perfect English with a gentle German lilt.

FEMALE 2 – ‘CANDICE’ (mid 20s). Archetypal Hollywood sex symbol. Stuck in dumb blonde roles but desperate to be taken more seriously. Has a drinking and drug problem.

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