PIGPEN THEATRE CO.’S PHANTOM FOLKTALES - Virgin Voyages' Scarlet Lady Non Equity Auditions

Posted: February 13, 2020
Audition Location: New York, NY

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Seeking magnetic, playful, multi-talented Musician/Actors for a PigPen Theatre Co. show performed onboard Virgin Voyages’ inaugural ship, the Scarlet Lady. 

PigPen Theatre Co.’s PHANTOM FOLKTALES is a collection of song-driven micro-plays that will be performed all over the ship that seemingly appear out of thin air and disappear just as quickly.



Cast 2 Dates (Subject to change)
Rehearsals in NYC: 5/29/20 – 6/11/20
Disembark ship: 11/18/20

Cast 3 Dates (Subject to change)
Rehearsals in NYC: 10/23/20 – 11/11/20
Disembark ship: 2/19/21


Worldwide itineraries. 

4-5 months at sea 

Performer minimum $1000/week 

No traditional cruise staff duties

Travel and lodging provided

FREE wifi onboard for browsing and messaging



We are seeking Musician/Actors who are generous performers with experience in ensemble work and comfortable with small scale performance and audience engagement. Seeking performers with charisma and generous spirits.  Puppetry experience a huge bonus. We are prioritizing a multiracial and multicultural cast. Performances are in English, but accents are welcome. Each performer will have a featured song/story/puppeteering event and collaborate as an ensemble to perform and share the collection of stories, songs, and events.


TAYLOR - Strong Guitar Player and Singer - Any Gender - A rugged troubadour with an earthy and windswept quality. A charismatic and generous performer who draws you in to their stories.


ROSE - Strong Singer and Melodica (Keys) or Fiddle Player - Female - An extravagant and experienced cabaret singer who MC’s at your favorite secret club. Flamboyant and sly sense of humor. Very comfortable with audience interaction. Charming and confident and can run a room.


OLIVE - Strong Singer, Support Guitar - Female - A kind yet soulful singer. They could be one half of a 60’s pop duo. Harmonizes with ease. This role features a brief comic opera moment, so vocal range is a strength.


LOGAN - Strong Banjo Player and Singer - Male - A tough exterior with a boyish interior life. Charming. Reminiscent of a 60's soul singer. Half of a singing duo. 


RIVER - Strong Guitar Player and Singer, Support Puppetry - Any Gender - A mysterious and inviting troubadour who serenades lovers on the deck and midnights at Rose’s open mic, where they are a favorite. They are good-natured and have a sense of humor.


JULES - Strong Puppeteer and Actor/Singer - Any Gender - A rugged but affable captain Ahab type. A charismatic performer who can hook and build a connection quickly with the audience. Can handle heightened text at the speed of thought. They are charming and funny but determined to venture across time and space to find their lost whale.


PARKER - Strong Puppeteer and Actor/Drummer - Any Gender - A modern salesperson who is more than comfortable pitching their new tech product. Has a sense of humor. Comfortable with audience interaction.


+ All performers should be proficient in English.
+ Union/Non-Union.
+ All performers should be 21 or older. 


PREPARATION  All preparation instructions will be given once appointment is confirmed.  To be considered for an appointment, please contact your representation or email auditions@rwsnyc.com with your headshot/resume and a short 1-2 minute video of yourself playing an instrument and singing a tune. You can cover one of PigPen Theatre Co.’s songs, play a classic, or write your own.  Please submit by February 28th, 2020 with “Virgin Voyages/PigPen” in the subject line.  Please note that not everyone who submits will be given an appointment.    


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