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LIFE LOVE MIXOLOGY - The Ooley Theatre Non Equity Auditions

Posted: September 13, 2021
Audition Location: Sacramento, CA

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Send headshot/resume to:

Principal Non Union $250/week, $2,475 total

Any Gender 30 - 55 Any Ethnic Appearance


The Play:

This is a one person show led by a bartender and mixologist, Siggy. This person will be there to educate, entertain and make actual drinks live for the audience. Siggy will dole out advice, educate the audience on the art of mixlogy, but will also share some dark secrets and life lessons along the way. This show is highly interactive with the audience.


You must have the following skills to do this show:

Bartender/Mixologist for at least a year

Improv (general skill in this arena)




About Siggy:

Siggy is charming, intelligent, fun, witty, educated, sometimes a little arrogant, but never over the top. This is a person who is calm, inviting, easy to talk to. You want to spend time with this person, as they make you feel seen and special. Siggy also has some dark secrets, and those will come out during the show. This is kind of like a cooking show for alcohol, led by Bobby Flay (NO, we don't mean you have to be him, just giving an example). Think of a person who is highly knowledgeable in their field, loves what they do, loves to share it with others, has a solid ego but is not arrogant.


Notes on the show:

We are at the phase now where we are developing the show around our selected actor. You will work with me, the director, once a week via Zoom until the month before the show. You will be expected to be working on the material based on our meetings each week and coming back the following week with what we discussed for you to hone and craft. Once we get into the rehearsals in person, we will have rehearsals about 3/4 times a week depending of course on your availability.


Show will perform for one weekend as a testing run for future longer runs in other cities. That will be Dec. 9, 10, 11 and 12. This will be contingent also on what we have to deal with for COVID restrictions as well.


Submissions for consideration can be sent to:

Headshot, resume please


IF YOU ARE NOT WITHIN 60 MILES OF SACRAMENTO WE STILL WANT YOU TO SUBMIT. MUST BE IN CALIFORNIA THOUGH. We will pay for your travel if needed once we have you for in person rehearsals.


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