AN UNEXPECTED CHRISTMAS - Forcey Bible Church Non Equity Auditions

Posted: September 4, 2019
Audition Location: Silver Spring, MD

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"An Unexpected Christmas" is coming to Forcey Bible Church and we want YOU to be a part of it! We need actors for our upcoming Christmas production! Auditions are being held in the sanctuary Monday night September 16 at 6PM. There are 8 speaking roles and 8 ensemble roles. (See the list below for character breakdown). Production dates are December 13 and 14 with a potential Sunday the 15th performance (or small highlight during church services). Rehearsals will be roughly 2 nights a week starting in October with the week of Thanksgiving off. There will be a full week of rehearsals during our tech week, the week of the show. 

To audition please email Justin and Heather Moe (Director and Music Director) at to let us know you are coming and include the following information: headshot and resume, any major conflicts, and any role you might be interested in! Please prepare a verse and a chorus of a Christmas carol (roughly 32 bars - a cappella). We will also send you a scene to look over that we will have you read with other auditionees the night of the audition. Please arrive at 6 PM and expect to be there the whole evening just in case we want to teach you some of the music/a basic movement combination.


Plot Summary:

“An Unexpected Christmas” is a heartfelt musical that brings people of all different paths of life together in an airport terminal on Christmas Eve when their flight is grounded overnight due to inclement weather. With the help of a little coffee, a few Christmas carols, and the final realization of what is truly important at Christmas, they discover that the crossing of their paths is anything but random as the unexpected events turn their hearts to discover the real meaning of Christmas.


Character Breakdown:

Paige (30-50) - Wife of Steve, mother of Kaylee and Blake. Optimist, strong faith. Sings “Symphony of Joy,” “Going Home for Christmas,” and “Not This Year.” Mezzo-Soprano.


Caleb (18-26) - College student, outgoing and friendly, traveling to the Bahamas to spend Christmas with his friends. Harbors resentment towards his father, Michael. Has faith in God but doesn’t see how that affects his everyday life. Sings “Coffee Makes Everything Better.” Tenor.


Clara (55+) - Widow, traveling to her adult daughter’s house for Christmas. Losing her hearing and learning to adjust to living alone. Sings “I Need Christmas” and “Not This Year.” Alto.


Steve (35-55) - Husband of Paige, step-father of Kaylee and Blake. Funny, with a dash of sarcasm and a pinch of cynicism. Sings “Not This Year.” Baritone.


Michael (40-60) - Father of Caleb. Hard-working, loves his family, man of faith. Sings “Going Home For Christmas” and “Not This Year.” Baritone.


Blake (believably read 8-14. Can cast someone older to play this) - Daughter of Paige, step-daughter of Steve, sister of Kaylee. Carrie a stuffed baby bulldog in a small pet carrier. Happy, bright, precocious. 


Kaylee (15-20) - Daughter of Paige, step-daughter of Steve, sister of Blake. Annoyed by most people and bitter about the breakup of her family. Has a hard time believing in Jesus and the Christmas story. 


Stacy (24-35) This role is cast. Airline gate agent, kind, woman of faith, single mother, cat lover. Sings “Hymn to Him.” Soprano.


8 ensemble roles that will be travelers in the airport - will sing and dance/move in all of the 10 songs. Looking for four women and four men. 

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