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BWW Interviews: On the LINE - Tim Larson from Keeton's A CHORUS LINE

Director Kate Adams-Johnson, aka Nashville's busiest choreographer, is putting yet another cast through its paces in preparation for yet another opening night. Only this time, she's serious. Very serious. The show she's helming this time, you see, is every dancer's holy grail: A Chorus Line.

 "In an empty theatre, on a bare stage, casting for a new Broadway musical is almost complete. For 17 dancers, this audition is the chance of a lifetime. It's what they've worked for - with every drop of sweat, every hour of training, every day of their lives. It's the one opportunity to do what they've always dreamed -- to have the chance to dance. This is A Chorus Line the musical for everyone who's ever had a dream and put it all on the line. Winner of nine Tony Awards, including "Best Musical" and the Pulitzer Prize for drama, this singular sensation is the longest-running American Broadway musical ever," reads publicity for the upcoming production.

In the cast, you'll find a blending of familiar faces and newcomers. During the run-up to the show's June 9 opening night, we'll introduce you to Kate's cast - and next up is her longtime collaborator, the fearless actor/director/choreographer/raconteur Tim Larson, with whom she's worked on numerous musicals of the past few years, including the critically acclaimed Titanic, in which Larson and company sunk a ship.

So Tim, where did you grow up?
Do I have to say? Okay. Somerset, Kentucky.

What? You're on the lam or something? What are some of the shows you've done?
Do you want the entire list? Some of the shows I was in were before half of this A Chorus Line cast was born. My very first show was Dark of the Top of the Stairs. I played Sonny Flood at 10 years of age for a college theatre production. I also was in numerous shows in high school and college, did summer stock [editor's note: and a whole lot other shows too numerous to mention].

What character do you play in A Chorus Line?
Zach Garrison, actually he does not have a last name, but this is the one I gave him.

What's the biggest challenge to doing this show?
My age! I did not realize Zach actually dances and especially in the finale - "One." Me in a gold suit? Should be interesting!

Well, I know I can't wait to see that; thanks for the heads-up...What was your first exposure to A Chorus Line?
The original cast album in 1976. Then on Broadway in 1977.

What's the rehearsal process been like for you thus far? Has Kate been especially mean to you or anything?
Well [at press time] I have only had one since I was on the beach in Mexico drinking Cape Cods the first week of rehearsals!

Dancing With the Stars or So You Think You Can Dance?
Dancing with the Stars - If Kirstie Alley can do it - anyone can!

Where were you in 1976 when A Chorus Line premiered on Broadway?
I was a sophomore at Western Kentucky University with a major in theatre and dance. 

What's your favorite song from the score?
"Dance 10, Looks 3," which was originally called "Tits and Ass," but they could not put that title in the program plus it also would have lost the shock factor when she actually does sing it!

Okay, Tim for the $64,000 question: Who's your favorite theater critic?
Now who do you think? Anyone who loved Titanic gets my vote!

  • A Chorus Line. Directed and choreographed by Kate Adams-Johnson. Presented by The Larry Keeton Theatre, 108 Donelson Pike, Nashville. June 9-25. Evening shows are at 7:00 p.m., Seating for dinner at 6:00 p.m. Matinee shows are at 2:00 p.m., Seating for lunch at 1:00 p.m. Show tickets: $25.00 with a $1.00 ticketing fee. Show only tickets: $20.00 Special Thursday Patron's Special: $10.00 show only tickets Tickets are available through or by calling (615) 883-8375. For more details, visit the company website at

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