The Vagrancy to Host BLOSSOMING: A New Play Reading Series

By: Jul. 13, 2016
JULY 23rd & 24th, The Vagrancy invites you the full staging of 3 brand spanking new plays being developed by The Vagrancy's Writing Group. Come be inspired, have a glass of wine, and give back by participating in the captivating and enormously helpful audience talk-balks.


6PM: PLAY #1 METAMORPHOSIS by CORT BRINKERHOFF (HORSE, THE NIGHTMARE ROOM- developed previously with The Vagrancy), Directed by Eric Hoff. Featuring Jason Vaughn Carolyn Deskin, Taylor Marr & Maia Kazin.

Synopsis: In 1915 Prague, Franz Kafka writes his fiancee to tell her of his idea for a new story - a man wakes up to discover that he has metamorphosed into a monstrous, verminous bug - a story that crawls to life as he writes.


1PM: PLAY #2 CHILD by ABBEY FENBERT (2013 Mark Twain Prize for Comic Playwriting), Directed by Caitlin Hart. Featuring MerEdith Brown, Jenny Soo, Sullivan Moore, Elita Daniels, Rebecca Everhart, Caroline Hayden, Sara Lynne Wright, Acacia Fisher & Marisa Brenan.

Synopsis: It starts simple: A lady wants a child. Specifically an older child, nonzero grateful, not boring, babies need not apply. A successful single comic, she sees adoption as her chance to do some good in the world. But a one-eyed orphan and her mysterious "siblings" disrupt her tidy plans. Mercy, Brawn and Devil-Eye (named for what they are missing) have their own ideas about what makes a family. Can the lady accept them - and they her? Where are the borders between the individual and collective self, and what happens when they shift? CHILD is a highly theatrical exploration of family, conviction and conversion. And it's also a story about a lady who wants a child.

5:30PM: PLAY #3 VARIOUS EMPORIA by HOWARD HO (Articles published by The Los Angeles Times and Entertainment Weekly), Directed by Doug Oliphant. Featuring Scott Haven, Pat Loeb, Jenny Soo, Greg Watanable, Ken Narasaki, Lindsay Zana, & Rebecca Everhart.

Synopsis: Pastor Charles Unger wants to just perform his church production of The Mikado in peace, but he is beset with yellowface protests. To publicly defend himself, he reaches out to Sylvia, an NPR reporter. But little does he know she really plans to reunite Charles with his estranged adopted Chinese son, who threatens to turn this family topsy-turvy.

*Stage Managed by Danielle Gonzalez; Asst. Stage Managed by KC Read-Fisher.

WHERE: Lyric Hyperion Theatre- 2106 Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles


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