Student Blog: A Performer NOT Pursuing a BFA

Why do you need a BFA to be successful in this industry?

By: Mar. 04, 2024
Student Blog: A Performer NOT Pursuing a BFA
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Woohoo to semester two! I am, currently, a CCC (California Community College) student with plans to transfer to Cal Poly. Unlike many of my fellow bloggers, I am not a Theatre Arts major pursuing my BFA. It was a hard decision to not pursue my passion through a degree, but I couldn’t be happier (Thank Goodness!). First semester did see me as a Theatre Arts major, but I had an epiphany. Why do you need a BFA to be successful in this industry?

Other performers and industry professionals may judge me for it, in the same way going to a community college first causes heads to turn, but I am majoring in something completely different. Some may call it having a backup plan, but I call it having two paths (both of which I am passionate about) available to me. I may have abandoned the BFA route, but I have not left the arts behind. I am working towards a BS in Hospitality with an emphasis in Meetings & Events and a minor in Marketing. With this I hope to become an event planner and/or marketing manager for a theater (Hollywood Pantages, if you’re seeing this: hi ;)). See, everything always comes back to theatre!! Even though I’m getting my Bachelors of Science, I am not sacrificing my love of theatre. 

In fact, I don’t have to sacrifice my passion, at all. I am still able to work towards my dreams and further my career (whichever it may end up being). Let me take you through a week in my school/theatre life:

Monday: Econ 101 (Macroeconomics) to Ballet 102

Tuesday: DFST 101 (ASL 1) to BUS 110 (Business Communications)

Wednesday: Econ 101 and Ballet 102 with the addition of vocal coaching

Thursday: DFST 101 and BUS 110

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday are my school free days and are, usually (always), consumed by the theaters I’m involved with!

In no way am I hindering my passion for theatre. Instead, I am furthuring both passions at once! Ballet counts as a required GenEd for my major and my theatre endeavors happen outside of school hours. We have already made it past midterms and landed at spring break, just in time for my first tech week of 2024. For the foreseeable future, my focus will be on Seussical the Musical (what theatre kid hasn't done this show at least once?). This is not my first show balanced within a school year, but it is the most physically demanding! That being said, I wouldn't trade my decisions or my opportunities for anything.

I can't wait to bring you all along as I continue my journey and I hope to prove that you don't need a BFA to be successful. No matter how you got there, or how rocky the path was, what matters is that you did what you set out to do. All you need is a dream and the drive to keep pushing on! I believe in you!

Until next time,


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