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GET IT TOGETHER Comes to Zephyr Theatre Next Month

Performances begin on July 29.

GET IT TOGETHER Comes to Zephyr Theatre Next Month

GET IT TOGETHER, an incredibly funny and intensely resonating play opens for the first time, at Los Angeles' historic Zephyr Theatre on Melrose Avenue, Friday, July 29, 2022. This relatable play chronicles a fleeting romantic connection which spans two nights in two years.

The play follows Mary, an aspiring poet, and Harold, a computer science professional, who find themselves in the spare bedroom of a Philadelphia house party. They haven't seen each other in years, but they know what they're heading towards. After a night of confession, teasing and tension, we see their story two years later and what that night has wrought: an unconsummated romance and an affection they apprehend but can't have. It's a story of growing into a tangled relationship and finding out what we take from relationships that we know aren't meant to last.


"Harold" Joseph Basquill

"Mary" Hadley Durkee


Writer & Director: Michael Quinn

Producer: Zoe Brown

Stage Manager: Ally Lardner

Production Designer: Olivia Meredith

Lighting Designer: Hayden Kirschbaum

Sound Designer: Bailee Herrera

Production Photos: Austin Martinez

Publicity: Sandra Kuker PR

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