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134 West Presents A Benefit Reading Of A New Play: CONFIDENCE (AND THE SPEECH)

134 West  Presents A Benefit Reading Of A New Play:  CONFIDENCE (AND THE SPEECH)

134 West has announced a benefit reading of CONFIDENCE (and The Speech), a new play by Susan Lambert Hatem, on Wednesday, November 8, at 7:30pm. The play was a second round finalist in this year's Austin Film Festival Playwriting Contest. Donations will benefit Emily's List and She Should Run, two organizations which work to get more women into political office.

On July 4, 1979, President Jimmy Carter canceled an important energy policy speech at the last minute and disappeared to Camp David. Ten days later, he emerged from his impromptu domestic summit and gave the Crisis of Confidence speech, which became known as the "malaise" speech. It initially garnered overwhelmingly positive response and many now view the speech as farsighted and insightful. Others think it may have ultimately cost him the White House.

Forty years later, college professor Cynthia Cooper is asked to recall her time with the Carter Administration during the days before the now historic speech. If she is going to tell her story of that time - the story told from her perspective - she is going to play the President. And the young man wanting to know her story? He is going to play her. This uniquely cross-gender play explores the confidence of a president, a nation in chaos and women in politics. CONFIDENCE (and The Speech) is a fictionalized perspective of a true story wrapped in fantasy. It reminds us that every crisis is an opportunity to step up, raise your voice, and change the world.

The cast will feature (in alphabetical order) David August, Celia Finkelstein, John Goodwin, Matthew Henerson, Jolene Hjerleid, Kellen Law, Jordan Mitchell-Love, Graham Norris, Mary Eileen O'Donnell, Dan Povenmire, and Tristan Waldron.

134 West, LLC is a production and consulting company in Pasadena, CA specializing in theatre, film, music, and digital and social marketing. It is our mission to produce and consult on inspiring works of theatre, music and video in interesting spaces, ways, and across all digital and social channels.

Reservations for the reading of CONFIDENCE (and The Speech) may be made at Son of Semele Theatre is located at 3301 Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, 90004.

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