Review: THE GIN GAME at Theatre Three

The production runs through February 4th.

By: Jan. 21, 2024
Review: THE GIN GAME at Theatre Three

The winter season kicks off thrillingly with Theater Three's wonderful production of The Gin Game by D.L. Coburn. Superbly directed by Colleen Rebecca Britt, the Pulitzer winner and Tony nominee runs through February 4th at the beautiful Port Jefferson venue. Boasting a brilliant two-person cast, this Play is indeed an emotional roller coaster of a story.

The tale centers on Weller Martin and Fonsia Dorsey, portrayed by Bradlee E. Bing and Marci Bing, two residents at a senior citizens community. After Weller offers to teach Fonsia how to play the card game Gin Rummy, they start a series of games many of which Fonsia wins much to Weller's frustration. The Bing's performances are powerful and you leave the theatre very moved. Coincidently, as the original 1977 Broadway cast had married couple Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy, Mr. and Mrs. Bing are also married in addition to being vets of the Long Island theatre scene. It is very gratifying to have this production with these wonderful actors as their actual relationship gives the story that extra punch. If there was one question I could ask, it would be why is Weller so bitter? We hear a lot of Fonsia's back story, but not a great deal of Weller's. Something to ponder over, I guess.

On the clever creative team, Randall Parsons' set is well done. The entire show takes place on the sun porch of Weller and Fonzia's assisted living home. Items like an old television set, old luggage, a bookcase and more are stored towards back and a porch swing sits to the left of the stage. Add in Steve Uihlein's atmospheric lighting and Jason Allen's smart costume design and you have a visually stunning production.

And so, Theater Three's superb production of The Gin Game is certainly a must-see this beautiful winter season. A wonderful cast and a powerful, thought-provoking story make for a wonderful night of theater.

Photos Courtesy of Steven Uihlein