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Review: FEAR OF THE EVENT at Tmu-na Theater

Review: FEAR OF THE EVENT at Tmu-na Theater

The complex Israeli-Palestinian reality exists in everything in the State of Israel. We live in a temperate Middle Eastern country, with strange and unique people who create a charming and unique mosaic.
Noam Gil, the play's author, translated the problematic situation to the play Fear Of The Event, translating it into words filled with laughter and social power.

The play tells of a woman who murdered her husband without knowing why. Just because she felt like it. Her children advise her to move the body to the settlement, and to frame the Palestinians for murdering their father.
Following the murder, the family spreads light and love to the people, uniting them.

The problems begin when one of the policemen does not think a Palestinian murdered the father.

Review: FEAR OF THE EVENT at Tmu-na Theater

Yigael Sachs directed a wonderful play that causes the viewer to laugh, to understand that this is our country, and to cry.

Dan Kizler and Maayan Bloom are the outstanding actors in this play. They portray the characters in such a deep way that caused me to marvel at their acting chops.

In conclusion, Fear Of The Event brings together six special, if not peculiar, characters into an Israeli-rooted story - and a fascinating one at that.

Not to see in the Israeli theater a German soldier returning to his native land, nor a story about a kingdom in the land of Denmark, but a work based on the rifts and questions we have as a society: Morality-ideological-social.

Go see Fear Of The Event. It's amazing.

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