Industry Pro Newsletter: Policies Diverge Across Regions, Why Theatres Need to Utilize TikTok

Lin-Manuel Miranda Thanks the Dramatists Guild for Their Protection of Copyright

By: Aug. 15, 2022

The industry is in a weird spot right now, and the stories in this week's newsletter highlight the divergent paths different segments of the industry are going down - first, a story about the necessity of TikTok, as well as a story of the cancellation of The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical Concert at the Royal Albert Hall amidst the recently filed copyright infringement suit against the creators. In another form of copyright infringement, Lin-Manuel Miranda issued a statement on the illegal production of Hamilton. Then, on Broadway The Kite Runner becomes the first show to create a mixed mask policy - with at least one performance per week designated a mask required performance - while the rest of Broadway remains mask optional. But in Washington, DC, the trade group there announced that masks would remain required. As the industry recovers and reforms, we'll continue to see these kinds of divides on the regional level, and we'll bring you coverage of those divides as they happen.

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Industry Trends

Industry Pro Newsletter: Policies Diverge Across Regions, Why Theatres Need to Utilize TikTok

Lin-Manuel Miranda Issues Statement on McAllen Church's Illegal Hamilton

In the statement, the writer and composer thanked the Dramatists Guild for their tireless efforts in protecting the copyright of writers, lyricists, and composers. In response to the production itself, he said, "Now lawyers do their work." Click here to read more...

Exploring the TikTok Revolution in Theatre

Writing for HowlRound, Katy Zapanta explores the theatrical revolution on TikTok - from the way young creators are teaming up to create and remix art, to the mistakes that some theatres are making in thinking about TikTok as just another marketing platform. Click here to read more...

Broadway/New York

Industry Pro Newsletter: Policies Diverge Across Regions, Why Theatres Need to Utilize TikTok

Kite Runner Sets Friday's As Mask Required Performance

In a sign that feedback on mask optional performances has been mixed, The Kite Runner has become the first Broadway show to announce that they will have one performance that isn't mask optional to accommodate patrons that are most comfortable in a fully masked environment. Click here to read more...

Daniella Topol Departing Rattlestick for Nursing School

As part of a long reflection on her own place in the theatre industry, and after coming in close contact with members of the healthcare industry through the course of creating a piece, something inside Topol to make the change. The departure is a prime example of the many leadership changes occurring at companies not just in New York, but across the industry. Click here to read more...


Industry Pro Newsletter: Policies Diverge Across Regions, Why Theatres Need to Utilize TikTok

Remaining Victory Gardens Staff Moves to Unionize

Citing the board's refusal to meet with the remaining staff members, the group took the step to file a petition with the National Labor Relations Board to gain Union representation. The board stands accused of creating a toxic work environment and a lack of transparency. Click here to read more...

Theatre Washington Continues Masks-Required Policy

While no longer checking for vaccination status, most member theatres of Theatre Washington will continue to require audiences to wear masks throughout the duration of the performance. Click here to read more...

Bud Martin to Retire from Delaware Theatre Company

Martin will officially leave the company in 2023, where he has been serving as the Executive Director and Artistic Director for the last ten seasons. To make the transition smooth, the Board of Directors has appointed current Managing Director Matt Silva to Executive Director, and Martin will remain Artistic Director through the 2023 season. After that, Silva will take over the AD role as well. Click here to read more...


UK Equity Launches Comedians Charter

In an effort to improve the working conditions of comedians working in the UK, Equity has launched a new Comedians Charter to help ensure safe and transparent work environments for comedians. Click here to read more...

Unofficial Bridgerton Musical Concert at Royal Albert Hall Canceled

Following the filing of Netflix's lawsuit against the show's creators for copyright infringement, the planned concert at Royal Albert Hall has been canceled. Click here to read more...

What UK and European Leaders Can Learn From Theatre

Director Ivo van Hove suggests in a recent interview that leaders in both Europe and the UK should look to the theatre industry for examples of how to let collaboration thrive in a post-Brexit society. Click here to read more...

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August 8, 2022 - New Leadership Model at Pennsylvania Shakes, New Auditions at Princeton

Our two Industry Trend stories this week take a look at a few of the different ways that people are trying to bring change to the theatre industry: first in reforming the work environment that has long been problematic, and second, the way Princeton is working on developing a new audition process to help bring more people into theatre in an educational environment. In the wider industry, we have a few more lawsuits, some more leadership transitions, and a look at the struggle to bring more access for disabled patrons to the UK. Click here to read more...

August 1, 2022 - Finding Artistic Rest, Susan Booth Returns to the Goodman

New Diorama Theatre in the UK announced an interesting new season: they won't be producing any shows until 2023. While we have seen a slew of these kinds of announcements for financial reasons as companies reorganize, this was for a different reason. The company wanted to give their artists the opportunity to rest away from the pressures of constantly producing. They also raised funds for it like they would any other productions season, meaning that not only is everyone getting rest - they're being compensated so they can actually rest and dream about the next creative steps for the company. This story stands in contrast to another story in the newsletter today - allegations at Adventure Theatre Company in DC of unsafe work conditions, primarily resulting from an over-scheduled season. How can New Diorama's example be followed to give artists more time and space to be creative? Click here to read more...

July 25, 2022 - An Industry in Reform - Internships and a New Vision for Funding

A thought experiment from New Zealand examines a potentially new way to not only make arts funding more equitable, but transparent and with the opportunity for potential patrons to find projects to fund. This future thinking in the industry continues to extend throughout the United States as well, as companies continue to re-imagine what their entry level programs look like. However, the Paradise Square situation and the way in which Ken-Matt Martin was pushed out at Victory Gardens continue to highlight the long road ahead of an industry in reform. Click here to read more...

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