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Industry Pro Newsletter: An Industry in Reform - Internships and a New Vision for Funding

Tech innovations continue to come to marketing and ticketing.

A thought experiment from New Zealand examines a potentially new way to not only make arts funding more equitable, but transparent and with the opportunity for potential patrons to find projects to fund. This future thinking in the industry continues to extend throughout the United States as well, as companies continue to re-imagine what their entry level programs look like. However, the Paradise Square situation and the way in which Ken-Matt Martin was pushed out at Victory Gardens continue to highlight the long road ahead of an industry in reform.

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Industry Trends

A New Vision for Arts Funding

Elise Sterback completes a thought experiment about a new vision for arts funding - instead of exhaustive grant applications with a murky review process - what if the funds were pooled into an open and transparent jackpot system? Click here to read more...

As Internship Programs Change, What Does That Mean for the Future?

As more of the exploitative internship programs get reformed, what does that mean for the next generation of theatre makers? In many ways, it is creating a more competitive first rung of the employment ladder - both removing the economic barriers of participation in entry level positions and further aligning these positions with the tight labor market of higher level jobs in the industry. Click here to read more...

Dramatists Guild Foundation to Honor Paula Vogel, Jeffrey Banks & Barbara Olcott

Vogel will receive the Dramatists Award celebrating her decades long career at the 60th Annual Gala. Banks and Olcott will be honored as the Arts Patrons of the Year. Click here to read more...

Broadway/New York

Industry Pro Newsletter: An Industry in Reform - Internships and a New Vision for Funding

Broadway Continues Mask Optional Policy

The Broadway League announced that masks will be highly encouraged, but optional on Broadway during August and until further notice. The League switched to a mask optional policy starting on July 1. Click here to read more...

Disney on Broadway VR Experience Returns

At this years D23 Expo, Disney on Broadway will again be hosting a Virtual Reality Experience that brings fans into the magic of Disney on Broadway. The return of this feature highlights some of the many ways companies are utilizing new technology to bring fans back into theatres - first virtually, then in person. Click here to read more...

Ticketing and NFTs - Keep an Eye on the NFL

This year, the NFL is offering commemorative digital tickets for fans in the form of NFTs for more than 100 games. Last season, they experimented on a limited basis and are further expanding the use of NFTs in the ticket marketplace. As the space continues to innovate, what does this mean for Broadway shows and beyond where the desire is to shift digital, but people also like to collect their ticket stubs? Click here to read more...


Industry Pro Newsletter: An Industry in Reform - Internships and a New Vision for Funding

Ken-Matt Martin Would Not Return to Victory Gardens

If asked, Ken-Matt Martin would not return to Victory Gardens, though he did say in a statement that he is very moved by the outpouring of support. Martin noted that he is burnt out on institutional theatre after three leadership positions at organizations of various sizes in the last ten years. His statement is a must read about the challenges facing those who work in non-profit institutional theatre. Click here to read more...

Outdoor Theatres Compete with Plane Noise

Reporting from Kentucky Shakespeare, NPR explored the various ways in which the company handles the airplane noise that regularly passes over their outdoor venue. As well as looking at how Shakespeare might be particularly well-suited to dealing with acoustic interference. Click here to read more...

Eric Ting Departs Cal Shakes

After seven years with the organization, Ting is stepping down to re-join his family full time after they relocated back to New York during the pandemic. In his time leading the organization, his work was marked by a deep focus on working with locally based artists and launching new initiatives to further investigate how Cal Shakes could serve the community. Click here to read more...


Garth Drabinsky Added to Canadian Equity's Do Not Work List

The embattled Paradise Square producer was added in solidarity with the move by AEA in the United States, and will remain on the Canadian list until he has been removed from AEA's Do Not Work List. Click here to read more...

Stage Directors UK to Become Trade Union

In a bid to improve the working conditions of their members, Stage Directors UK is poised to become a recognized trade union to further negotiate with employers on members behalf. Click here to read more...

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July 18, 2022 - Unions Get to Work, How EST Has Been Making Changes

Unions have been a central narrative of much of 2022 across many industries, and they took center stage last week in the performing arts industry as two Unions, Actors Equity and United Scenic Artists filed suit against the producers of Paradise Square. Across the river in New Jersey, the American Guild of Variety Artists added a new workplace to their list of members as the performers of Medieval Times voted to join. These stories, paired with other stories this week about institutional soul searching, are strongly demonstrative of the industry itself taking a large step forward in what feels like allowable practice, and towards what the new normal can be. Click here to read more...

July 11, 2022 - The Paradox of Pay Equity, COVID Spread in NYC High Once Again

As new leadership takes the helm at many companies across the United States, they are not only trying to steer the artistic ship, but to point the company in the right direction in terms of workplace conditions. As calls for unpaid internships to come to an end continue, many are re-evaluating their budgets and business models - with some adjusting their production model, and others looking at the financial realities and closing their doors. As the industry continues to make reforms, those reforms won't come without some pain. Hopefully, that pain leads to a brighter tomorrow for arts workers across the board. Click here to read more...

July 5, 2022 - New Foundation Offering Major Grants, STEM vs STEAM in Arts Ed

As the second half of 2022 gets underway, many theatres have concluded their first full season after re-opening, and are assessing where things stand heading into a new season. For many, the rise of individual ticket buyers was a trend we heard from a lot of companies - and not only are there more individual ticket buyers, but subscription renewals are down and continue to be slow. So far it is unclear if this is indicative of an overall decline in demand, or a shift in how audience members are finding out about productions. One thing we know for sure: the BroadwayWorld audience remains dedicated to seeing multiple shows per year, even if they're making that final decision and purchasing a ticket much closer to the date of the show than in the past. The stories in the newsletter this week are indicative of that shift towards normalcy: acquisitions, contract negotiations, and the continued leadership shuffle as one generation of leaders retires and another gets ready to take the helm. Click here to read more...

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