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Edith – Skrattande strimma av en scharlakanssol at Wasa Teater


9/11/2014 - 10/25/2014


Wasa Teater

Sandö Street 7
Vaasa,Ostrobothnia 65100

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€12.50 - €25.00
Phone: + 358 (0) 6 320 9330

Edith – Skrattande strimma av en scharlakanssol in Finland

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So expressed himself a contemporary writer on the poet Edith Södergran. Edith's life and the person cannot distinguish from her poems. They are one. Edith Södergran was a pioneer. But the outside world was dismissive and contemptuous of her art. More important were the few people who stood by her nara, especially modern and Hagar Olsson.

Although the life circle was closed and the property, poor was Edith's world immensely rich. There was love, friendship, work. She had lovers to give up he at, sisters to play with, to explore sensuality, beauty and creative intoxication. In the world, she was a pioneer, a world conqueror, a genius and a pioneer. She gave everything, dreamt it all and made it to his reality.

Edith — Laughing glimmer of a scharlakanssol depict Edith's inner and outer world: her poetry, for hal, the country to the mother and the beloved friend Hagar Olsson, meeting with doctor Muralt, the prodigal father, disease, hunger, mockery of the press and the enthusiasm for life.

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