UNCLE VANYA - Pearl Theatre Company Auditions

Posted: June 11, 2014

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UNCLE VANYA (role of Sonya)

- Submit for NY Appointment
Pearl Theatre Company | New York, NY

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LORT Non-Rep
$600/week AEA minimum
Submissions from AEA members only for these appointment auditions for the role of Sonya only.

See breakdown.

Note: The AEA member must submit him/herself directly in order to be considered via this posting.
Other Dates
NY auditions will be held on 6/19 by appointment only.

1st Rehearsal: 8/12/14. 1st Preview: 9/9
Opens: 9/21. Closes: 10/12
Director/Artistic Director: Hal Brooks
Playwright: Anton Chekhov
Casting; Stephanie Klapper Casting
Indicate in subject line: UNCLE VANYA / NY APPT / AEA SUBMISSION

The arrival of a worldly professor and his bewitching wife have shattered the peace of Vanya and Sonya’s country estate. In a series of flirtations, disappointments, confessions, and revelations, this motley collection of parochial nobodies demand their moment in the sun—but never seem to know what to do when they get it. Quietly powerful, slyly comic, Uncle Vanya invites us into a world of agony, ecstasy, and absurdity—of passionate outbursts and smothered hopes, and of large dreams crammed into little lives.

SONYA (Female, Any ethnicity, 20-35) Not in total control of her feminine wiles. With a little help she could look fabulous, but left to her own devices she remains on the other side of beautiful. Great emotional depth, good sense of humor, not self-pitying. Loves her family deeply. ACTIVELY SEEKING ACTRESSES OF ALL ETHNICITIES.

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