TWELFTH NIGHT - Colonial Theatre Auditions

Posted: May 22, 2014

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TWELFTH NIGHT - Submit for Waverly, RI Appts.
Colonial Theatre|Westerly, RI

Send To
The Colonial Theatre
PO Box 762
Waverly RI02891
$420/week min
Actors (m/f). See Breakdown for details.
Other Dates
Please send headshot and resume electorinically or by hard copy by May 29.
Auditions: Friday, May 30, 3:30-5:30
First rehearsal is July 15, opening is July 30, and closing is August 18
Artistic Director and production director Harland Meltzer will be conducting the audition.


Viola - Female, 25-35. Smart, charming, and very clever. Will sacrifice to get what she wants most

Olivia - Female, 25-35. Lovely, self-posessed, and goes from chilly to passionate in a moment.

Maria - Female, 30-50. Servant to Olivia. Clever, and a lot of fun

Orsino - Male, 25-40. Passionate, strong and sensitive, driven by his love for Olivia.

Toby Belch - Male, 40-60. Olivia's uncle. Ebullient, with a love of drink, food, and fun.

Feste - Male, 30-50. A registered fool. Half genius, half loon, and keenly observant. Must sing.

Andrew - Male, 25-55. Toby's sidekick and an unsuccessful suitor of Olivia. Rich, and dim.

Fabian - Male, 20-35. Works in Olivia's household. A guy up for a good time

Sebastian - Male, 20-35. Viola's twin. Adventurous, handsome, and

Antonio - Male, 40-60. Worships Sebastian.

The theatre encourages actors of all origins to audition.

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