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Posted: May 23, 2014

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THE TEXT OF SEX - submit for NY appointment
Lucky Pelican LLC |Manalapan, NJ

Send To
Michele Kushner
52 Oxford Road
Manalapan NJ07726
Director: Bruce Baek
Playwright: Michele Aldin Kushner
Please submit photo/resume to be received no later than Tuesday, May 27.
$500 plus transport - flat fee
Equity actors -- 2 young women to play 16 year-old prep school students. One young man to play 16 year-old prep school student.

See breakdown for more information.
Other Dates
Auditions May 28, 2014
First rehearsal: July 9, 2014
Performances b/t Aug 8-24, 2014; dates decided by FringeNYC mid July.

DELILAH, 16. A high school prep student. Despite living in the digital age, Delilah is a Romantic. She believes in true love and texting. She is arrested for sexting her boyfriend, Jason.

JENNA, 16, Delilah’s best friend. Jenna wants to be a Romantic – but hooks up instead. She thinks she is wise to the world and fights it fiercely. Jenna gets Delilah to send a nude pix to Jason to reclaim his interest.

JASON, 16, Delilah’s paramour. Star of the Lacrosse team, he genuinely falls for Delilah. It takes him a while to do the right thing.

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