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OUTSIDE MULLINGAR - Geffen Playhouse Auditions

Posted: September 15, 2015

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Outside Mullingar - Appointments

Geffen Playhouse | Los Angeles, CA

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Phyllis Schuringa
Geffen Playhouse
10886 LeConte Ave
Los Angeles CA 90024

LORT Non-Rep
Lort B Minimum - $836/wk


Other Dates
Rehearsal begins -October 13
Previews begin -November 10
Opening -November 18
Closing -December 20

Director - Randall Arney


Tony Reilly - 75, wily old Irishman, speaks with an Irish dialect

Aoife – 70, she’s in bad health, short of breath, walks with a cane, a bit ravaged with grief, but cares deeply about her daughter's future, Irish dialect

Rosemary – her daughter, 35 - 42, she has put the prospect of romance behind her and has dedicated herself to running the farm. She's feisty, strong willed and defiant. Irish dialect.

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