KINGDOM CITY - La Jolla Playhouse Auditions

Posted: May 8, 2014

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Kingdom City - Submit for La Jolla Auditions
La Jolla Playhouse|La Jolla, CA

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LORT Non-Rep
LORT C Minimum $753/wk
Equity (AEA) and non-Equity, San Diego LOCAL (must live or have housing and transportation within 50 miles of La Jolla). All ethnicities encouraged to submit.
Other Dates
Auditions will take place onMay 20 & 21, 2014at La Jolla Playhouse
August 5th 2014– First rehearsal
August 29th 2014– First tech
September 4th 2014– First preview
September 14th 2014– Opening
October 5th 2014– Closing
Kingdom City
by Sheri Wilner
Directed by Jackson Gay
DEADLINE TO SUMBIT:5PM, Thursday, May 15, 2014.

When displaced New York director Miriam finds herself in Kingdom City, Missouri, she reluctantly agrees to direct a high school production of The Crucible. The play unlocks the students’ unspoken desires, creating a firestorm in this small Christian town.

Type of Actor(s): Equity (AEA) and non-Equity, San Diego LOCAL (must live or have housing and transportation within 50 miles of La Jolla). All ethnicities encouraged to submit.

Roles Available:
Miriam Bloom, 36-42, A native New Yorker who moves to Kingdom City, Missouri with her husband and is hired to direct a show at Kingdom City High School. Jewish. Impulsive, emotional. Disappointed by life but conceals it by employing bravado, cynicism and humor.

Daniel Bloom, 36-42 , Miriam's husband. Also Jewish and a native New Yorker. He is a novelist who has been awarded a one-year residency at a small college in Kingdom City. He’s earnest, earthy and curious. He is also scared and frustrated – by life and by the limitations of his talent – and hides it by diving headfirst into new enthusiasms and explorations.

Crystal Mathis, 17, a high school senior desperate to get out of Kingdom City. Until then, she'll settle for playing Miss Julie or Anna Christie in her final star turn as the reigning diva of the Kingdom City High School Drama Club. She is overly sexualized, extremely precocious and mature beyond her years. On the outside, she’s the school slut. On the inside, she’s a lonely and frightened girl.

Katie Merkle, 16, an introverted yet sublimely talented high school junior. She belongs to a very religious family who forces her to take a class on how to remain sexually pure. She is naïve, vulnerable and guileless. Also in search of a role model and/or maternal figure that can help her learn about the “real world” as her home life and church education are causing her to feel dangerously ill-equipped.

Matt Ross, 16, a religious yet conflicted teen who hopes to play Jesus in either Jesus Christ Superstar, Godspell, or his church's yearly Easter drama, The Lamb Who Would Be King. He's trying to atone for past sins by taking a sexual purity class but that's proving very difficult. He’s trying desperately to do the right thing, but the work required to be a true believer is proving to be too difficult.

Luke Reid, 24-30. Katie and Matt's youth minister. He's slick, hip, cool and tries to make sexual purity fun. Yet his mega-church ambitions get in the way of his current role as spiritual leader for the youth of Kingdom City.

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