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BETWEEN RIVERSIDE AND CRAZY - Pittsburgh Public Theater Auditions

Posted: June 23, 2016

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Pittsburgh Public Theater|Pittsburgh, PA

Send To
email picture and resume
to above email address
. NY.

LORT Non-Rep
LORT C; $799/week min

NYC auditions to be held on 7/18-7/20, by appointment only.

Seeking submissions from AEA members only via this posting.
AEA members must submit themselves directly in order to be considered (no agent submissions).

See breakdown.

Other Dates
1st reh: 10/18/16. Perfs: 11/10 - 12/11

For consideration, email picture and resume ASAP
Deadline to receive submissions: 7/15

Artistic Dir: Ted Pappas
Dir: Pamela Berlin
By: Stephen Adly Guirgis
Casting Dir: Pat McCorkle
Casting Assoc: Katja Zarolinski
Casting Asst: Rachel Goldman

Mark submissions: BETWEEN RIVERSIDE AND CRAZY Role of___ / NYC Appointment submission



African-American. Late 60’s to early 70’s. Served in Viet Nam, then was a NYC cop for over 30 years. Led a middle class existence with family and job but at heart has always been a wanderer. Shrewd, wily, funny, an amazing ability to assess situations and people and to sniff out hypocrisy. A functioning alcoholic. He values duty, loyalty and is able to recognize grace in others.

African-American. 40-45. The son of a tough father who could never show him tenderness. He was probably the apple of his mother’s eye. Smart but hasn’t been able to “man up” and accept the responsibilities of adulthood. Has served time at Rikers and Attica for burglary, selling hot merchandise, etc. Has been in AA for some time—serves as Oswaldo’s sponsor. He is trying to be a good son, trying to prove to himself and his father that he has value. Has enrolled at City College. Maybe he attends classes once in a while.

African-American/Latino. Around 30. Has a sweetness and vulnerability that makes him very appealing, but because of a brutal upbringing in the Bronx with a terrible father, can snap and become volatile and violent. Currently attending AA and very proud of being clean. Looks up to Junior (his AA sponsor) as a big brother and Pops as a surrogate father. He is trying hard to stay sober, trying somewhat to find a job, and desperately wants the family he never had.

Black/Latino. Early to mid-twenties. A woman-child. All her life she has had to survive on her looks, her wits and her cunning. Has probably seen and done it all, but has retained a sweetness and naiveté, even as her antennae are always out for where she stands in a room. She finally feels “safe” living here with Junior and Pops. She’ll do (and say) whatever she has to do to stay here.

Irish-American. Late 30’s. Working class background, probably from a family of cops, which is why she became a NYC cop.
Has worked her way up to a desk job but misses walking the beat.
Warm, salt of the earth, very fond of Pops but also know which side her bread is buttered on when it comes to career advancement, etc. Finally getting married and wants a child!

Brazilian. 40-50. Has lived a tough life. She’s been through a lot and has learned to be a con artist and a grifter. She cleans churches but has also turned to prostitution when she had to pay the rent and raise her children. She is deeply religious and spiritual (Catholic as well as Candomble [Brazilian religion based on African beliefs]).Incredibly intuitive. Sensual, with a powerful, charismatic energy. Mysterious.

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