ARCADIA - Yale Repertory Theatre Auditions

Posted: May 20, 2014

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ARCADIA - submit for NYC appointment
Yale Repertory Theatre|New Haven, CT

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Tara Rubin Casting
Attn: Arcadia Self Submit
570 7th Ave Suite 401
New York NY10018
James Bundy, Artistic Director/ARCADIA director
Jennifer Kiger, Associate Artistic Director
Amy Boratko, Literary Manager
Kay Perdue, Artistic Associate
Benjamin Fainstein, Artistic Coordinator
LORT Non-Rep
Salary- $750-$1200/week
Equity actors, male and female, for roles in ARCADIA.

See breakdown for more information.
Other Dates
1st Rehearsal: 8/25/14
1st Preview: 10/3/14
Opening Night: 10/9/14
Closing Night: 10/25/14

All characters are British and speak with British accents/dialects.

Thomasina Coverly (13, later 16): Brilliant, precocious, well-read, intuitive, devoted, principled.

Septimus Hodge (20s): Thomasina's tutor, a capable but undisciplined scholar with no economic prospects, he teaches seriously and seduces serially—and he is surprised when he falls in love with his 16 year old pupil, who stirs true idealism in him.

Jellaby (50-70): The Crooms' butler at Sidley Park. A gossip and seeker of reward, always gracious to his employers.

Ezra Chater (late 20s-30s): A failing poet and regular cuckold, susceptible to flattery and lacking physical courage.

Richard Noakes (45-65): Lady Croom's gardener. A Bourgeois tradesman of the first rank, master of craft—not an innovator, but eminently capable of carrying an idea to impressive conclusion.

Lady Croom (late 30s-40s): Thomasina's mother, privileged and observant, rules Sidley Park: she can be both stern and sexually competitive. She is witty without being well-read.

Captain Brice (30s-40s): An accomplished soldier, adventurer and adulterer. Physically elegant, smart without being a deep thinker.

Augustus Coverly (15)/Gus Coverly (15): Augustus is Thomasina's younger brother: entitled, immature, articulate, competitive. Gus is Valentine and Chloe's younger brother, mute since the age of five, with a crush on Hannah.

Hannah Jarvis: CAST

Chloe Coverly (18): Generous, uninhibited, an original, if undisciplined, thinker and free spirit, sensitive, with an outlandish imagination.

Bernard Nightingale (30s-40s): A university don, ambitious, witty, unscrupulous, charming, competitive, and with more brains than judgment.

Valentine Coverly (late 20s-early 30s): A graduate student in mathematics, Valentine is a serious and sensitive scholar, devoted to his family and to the power of ideas, but more comfortable with numbers and physics than with his feelings.

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