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Theater Camp Guide
Summer Place Players

Summer Place Players Theatre Camp Guide

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200 Bloomfield Avenue
West Hartford,CT 6117

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Camp Type: Day
Session Length: 2 Weeks
Camp Focus: Leadership, Traditional Camp Activities, Sports
Extra Activities: Waterfront, Adventure

At Summer Place, your days will be anything but boring. Each will be jam-packed with excitement and adventure as you expand your world with all kinds of exciting sports and enrichment courses. Really, where else can you design and play your own computer games, launch a solar balloon, cook up recipes from around the globe, host a talk show, score a touchdown, and cool off in the pool, all at one camp? Only at Summer Place! Every day, you’ll bounce from one activity to the next – each chosen by you! Whether you want to stretch your legs in soccer or dance or expand your mind with animation, crazy chemistry or an outdoor survival course, Summer Place has all the ingredients you need to cook up your best summer ever. Come join our experienced and caring team of teachers, coaches, and counselors, and discover why there's no place like Summer Place!

The University of Hartford offers four exciting summer camp programs for children from pre-school through 11th grade. Each program is unique, yet all share a common commitment to excellence in curriculum, staff, and facilities. All programs are based on the premise that learning and fun go hand in hand! Other benefits include:

A full day of indoor and outdoor activities

All activities are led by certified teachers and creative professionals

Free bus transportation from convenient locations throughout greater Hartford