Photos: Clint Holmes Brings 'Between The Moon & New York City' to 54 Below

New York City is the stop on the tour after success in Las Vegas & California.

By: Sep. 28, 2022

Clint Holmes has had a long and storied career. He continues to be one of the most electrifying performers on the planet. As I've crowed many times before, Clint's voice, phrasing, physicality, and apple watch like jazz time are extraordinary. When these unique skills are applied to his current show titled "Between The Moon And New York City", the songbook and life of Peter Allen are given an original and inspired new take.

Fresh from the success of the show in Las Vegas and Palm Springs where Jane Monheit was his special guest, Clint last night had Nikki Renee Daniels who recently was on the Broadway stage in COMPANY join him for the 54 Below segment of the tour.

Will Nunziata co-conceived with Holmes "Between The Moon and New York City" and also directed the show.

There are a lot of idols out there that sing the praises of Clint's music director and arranger for this show, Michael Orland (American Idol). Bill Fayne who has been musically involved with Clint's career since its very beginning supplied additional arrangements. Producer, muse, and long time friend of Holmes Sunny Sessa produced the spark that ignited the show.

The celebrity filled New York audience in 54 Below was definitely over the moon about the music of Peter Allen last night.

From Clint Holmes:

"Peter was someone I loved as an entertainer, a songwriter, and a friend," Holmes states. "He was funny, fresh, fierce, and an absolute original. Of all the incredible artists I've been inspired by throughout my career, no one has moved me more than Peter. I feel like I've lived enough life to finally dig into this genius' body of work."

From Will Nunziata:

"Clint's talent is boundless and he's one of the most magnetic performers I have ever witnessed and worked with," states Nunziata, who co-conceived the concert with Holmes and directs the show. "He is peerless when it comes to his acting, singing, and storytelling, and he also has a danger about him. Clint enters the stage and the molecules of the theatre change."

Photo Credit: Stephen Sorokoff