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BWW Interview: Sean Patrick Murtagh of CONCERTS AND COCKTAILS

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Learn all about the series and how to watch!

BWW Interview: Sean Patrick Murtagh of CONCERTS AND COCKTAILSSean Patrick Murtagh continues his bi-monthly live concerts this weekend with a new instalment of CONCERTS AND COCKTAILS. The freshly MAC Awarded artist has been performing on Facebook and Instagram since May in this series where each concert has a theme (announced each Tuesday that follows a show) and a signature cocktail. Mr. Murtagh performs from the comfort of his own Manhattan home, and when he says comfort, he means it, for Sean Patrick Murtagh performs each show without trousers. With so many shows under his belt (metaphorically because a man without trou needs no belt) it is abundantly clear that SPM's show is popular enough to keep people coming back for more. Curious about the experience and the imaginative series-with-a-hook, I reached out to Mr. Murtagh with a few questions.

This interview was conducted digitally and is reproduced here as received.

Sean, thanks for talking to Broadway World today!


How long have you been doing your shows?

I did my first Living Room Concert on May 2nd to commemorate my 10th New Yorkiversary and my official status as a New Yorker. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined this is how I would ring in 10 years in New York... but then again according to my plan I should have been on Broadway already, sooooooo you make due and make music.

What made you decide to make this move?

My Holiday Shows in San Francisco have become a newsletter of sorts to catch everyone back home up, with what I've been up to. This helped inspire and shape my first living room concert. We weren't, and most likely aren't, getting back to a cabaret space anytime soon, but people still need music and I still need to sing.

As crazy as these times are, I am so grateful we are experiencing this in an age where technology is helping us cope, see each other and feel connected as best we can.

What's it been like for you?

It's been very weird. I'm not going to lie. I knew it would be more than just turn on a camera, take your pants off and sing... ((wink)) but as much as I have always appreciated the collaborative efforts it takes to produce both Film/TV and Stage, you really don't understand how much goes into every element.

The first concert felt like I was juggling swords with so many components to consider and manage. As the shows progressed, it became easier to make the check list and trust in my preparation.

It's definitely making me feel more camera ready!

Why no pants?

At the beginning of lockdown it seemed everyone was making jokes and making light of taking calls and working with no pants. I never am one to be left out, so if my audience is going to work with no pants, then neither am I! It's been received to mixed reviews, but now that we're in August I don't intend on putting on pants now!

(Please note: I am wearing undergarments and fully covered... it is a free show after all.)

Where did you learn your bartending skills?

I first started bartending on the UWS at a wonderful place called Burke & Wills, an Australian bar and bistro with a speakeasy upstairs. I owe all my knowledge and passion for bartending to Tim Harris, the owner. Also his wife, my former manager at COOKSHOP, who knew I needed a change of venue and wanted to learn bartending so she got me the job.

He taught me the basics, the science, the balance and the joy.

What's your favorite cocktail?

For those who know me well, my very, very favorite cocktail is a margarita with salt. It's such a beautifully balanced drink when done right and very satisfying.

But I must also admit, a Perfect Manhattan also holds a special place in my heart. It's my daddio's favorite drink and whenever I am home visiting he'll say, "alright, I'm ready!" And we cheers drinking Manhattans.

Sean, would you please send me the intel on your next show so our Broadway World Cabaret readers can tune in and get a gander at your gams?

Here it is!

Sean Patrick Murtagh presents the next show in his Concerts and Cocktails Series

STAYCATION: A Living Room Concert

Summer Vacation may not look the same, but that doesn't mean you can't find a new way to "Get Away." If you can't go on vacation, let me bring vacation to you! Sean Patrick Murtagh, 2020 MAC Award Winner Best Debut, invites on a trip, coast to coast and around the world in 60 minutes. From a tour of the Mediterranean to the beautiful sands of Mexican Beaches; A Broadway Cruise; and a Road Trip from NYC to the Golden Gate- all from the comfort of your living room.

Take a moment, escape, get away, and surrender to the joys of this years staycation.

Saturday August 8th at 7pm EST/ 4pm PST

Tune in on Facebook HERE or Instagram


As always each concert concludes with a Cocktail Tutorial!

This week's Cocktail:

The Martinez: The Original Martini

No Cover! No Minimum! No Pants!

BWW Interview: Sean Patrick Murtagh of CONCERTS AND COCKTAILS

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